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I, Clawdius–

Literati! Never underestimate the reach of A Word with You Press!  Here we have an entry from Wendy Joseph, an able-bodied sea-person on a ship somewhere between Oceanside and Shanghai.Wendy is an accomplished author, and I do hope that once you read and comment on her entry, you’ll check out the link to her book–hell, […]

Karla Onstott is unprincipal-ed…but she’s got a handle on it.

 Ahh, Literati! Seems like we are not yet ready to put out to pasture.  Our core writers are returning now that Diana and Morgan and Rochelle have vanquished those bully hackers and disinfected the swing set.  Once you do it with A Word with You Press you don’t EVER go back.  Good to see you […]

“Read this, Oh Caesar, that you may live!…”

… “If not, the fates with traitors doth contrive!”  Artemidorus, Orange Julius…oops!  JULIUS CAESAR! Ahh, Literati! That fine Sicilian, Salvatore Buttaci, has entered our contest, probably wanting to assume his rightful throne, as Sal was one of our last winners before we had to scuttle the site and rebuild. Sal has entered You didn’t write […]

Jaws–Just when you thought it was safe to get back in your SUV

Good morning Literati! At least, it is morning at the towers of A Word with You Press.  I have returned from the beach where I watched birds, surfers, and dolphins and wished that the woman of my dreams was sitting beside me, and of course, I caffeinated myself. Back at the towers, now, where another […]

Enigmas R Us–“You didn’t write that” contest entry.

Oh Literati! I do believe the pump is being primed!  With the entry of Thomas Smith, Esq. into our contest, we now have three entries.  Ahhh, let the trickle turn to flood!  Enter the contest yourself by pulling down the details from the menu bar and following them as if they mattered! Here is Tom […]

“Be yourself…Everybody else is taken” YOU DIDN’T WRITE THAT continues

Literati!  Any body wanna guess who said those words? Thorn, you didn’t write that.  Than who(m)?  Take a Wilde guess. Stefanie Allison enters our contest (for rules by which to make your own subversion-oops! submission!–just pull down the contest roll out from the menu bar(d).) This waxes rather poetic, don’t you think?   Not to […]

The Kyle Katz Cave(at)

Oh, Literati! Our first contest entry for “You didn’t write that.” Comes from Kyle Katz.  Kyle is someone who counts in these parts, though apparently not the number of words.  Her entry was supposed to be 150 to 200, and we are at about 250 here.  But we are going to post it any way.  […]

Take two writers, drink plenty of liquids, and call me in the morning

Literati!  At last!  The contest. You are visiting A Word with You Press because there is not a successful twelve step program for our shared addiction.  Some of us do it secretly, late at night, when the kids can’t see us.  Some of us do it shamelessly in public places that dose us with caffeine.  […]

Curtain Call! Let’s make a Scene!

Oh, Literati! (Stephen Cobert has Nation, Rush Limbaugh has Dittoheads  but A Word with You Press has Literati!) Who among us would not want to take direction from our favorite Kiwi, Theresa Ann?  (ME, Me, Pick ME!) Today Theresa Ann launches her inter-active department Let’s Make a Scene. (copyrighted) What fun!  Here is her stage […]

Chapter 2 –The Courtesans of God

Good morning, Literati.  Selemat Pagi! (Malay for good morning) Here continues the true story of the exotic woman/child assimilated into the temple of healers on the Malay Peninsula “so ethereal of spirit they left no footprint where they stepped.” And, oh, by the way, the mother of my three children. Please help our site regain […]

The Courtesans of God

  Ahh, Literati.  What’s in a name?  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.  A thorn by any other name is still a prick. But a Title for your work is important.  I am posting the first chapter of a completed novel to be published by A Word with You Press in […]