KYLE Katz shows her stripes

Seems there is no stopping

Kyle Katz, oh, Literati!

Kyle asked to be posted (ahhhhh! double entendres!) even though she has already been posted twice for this contest.  She simply wants to share another story.  Who am I to refuse?  Here is her coming of rage episode in the ladies loo at school.

What, you expected me to post a zebra? (ahhh. those double entendres just keep mounting)

Mean Girls…BUSTED.

by Kyle Katz

My brain twisted in my skull, taunting the memory of the last time something like this happened. Squirming pain in my gut, ready to vomit the venom of hurtful words.  Its dissonant melody scrawled on the bathroom wall, hung itself like a bad opera for the entire school to review.

Kyle La Corbiere is a Zebra and half bread, Malado, Hi yellow wanna be prom queen.

A crowd of teenage girls strolled in, gathering around the bulletin board.

I stood at the sink washing my hands, in my low self-esteem position, hardly breathing. Girls were busy giggling and commenting.

“You didn’t write that, did you? Cause if you did it’s not funny?” Corliss was standing up for me.

I crouched behind the bathroom stall, praying I’d become invisible. Hoping everyone would just leave.

The mean girl took out her pen and approached the wall as if she was giving final instructions on a pop quiz.

She wrote in broad strokes. “Corliss loves Kyle.”  While saying it aloud, a fight was brewing.

That was my defining moment. I walked bravely past the crowd.

Stopped to look at the wall.

“By the way, it’s half B-R-E-E-D, And  M-U-L-A-T-T-O. Class over!”

We are what we eat…Bengal tiger transformation after eating a zebra



24 thoughts on “KYLE Katz shows her stripes

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    Geez Kyle you just keep spitting these out.  Debilitating to courageous in one stroke!  Lesson learned!  As the song Kelly Clarkson signs – what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.  This is quite a powerful piece my dear and you done excellent with it.  Love this one…totally!

    • Kyle says:

      I’m a gusher, then I go into hiding.
       The janitor washed the walls. No one told on anyone on who wrote the message. I was left alone. Some of those girls, would smile and say hello to me in the hallways. And No. I was never voted prom queen. But as of today I have my own crown, I wear on occasion…any occasion!   So happy you enjoyed this part of my adventure. Thanks Diane.

    • Kyle says:

       The sweet smell of rebellion.  I thought I was gonna die that day. But I heard the girls that participated were in shock. Thank goodness I graduated that year.

  2. debi says:

    Girls can look so sweet and innocent but they are dangerous when they flick their claws out. Glad you showed them yours! Loved the story – hate that it happened.

    • Kyle says:

      This is just my story. 
      A message on a wall.

       We have seen
      what social media can do to target kids on facebook, causing many a young
      person’s death.  This is for the
      odd kid, the weirdo, the gay kid, the overweight kid, the skinny kid, the acne
      kid, the kid with severe eczema, the kid with speech impediments. Kids that
      think differently.

       You will get
      through this. I know it doesn’t seem like it, when it’s happening. But there
      are people that are on YOUR side. I know! I am. Thanks for reading this one. It made me a strong spitfire. 

      • Mac Eagan says:

        ‘For the [insert descriptive word] kid’
        Ever seen the movie “Angus” with George C Scott and Kathy Bates?  Your paragraph reminded me of the speech Angus made right at the end.  We are all different and any one of us can be chosen as the outcast.

        • Kyle says:

          No Mac, I have never seen the movie. Yes it is so true. I learned this early. There is always someone who needs a target. There is always opposition no matter what your stance. Anyone can be chosen. .Being unique has long term benefits. 

  3. Glclark says:

    Who hasn’t been there but how many will admit they’ve been victimized so profoundly. I think we need a National Kick Somebody’s Ass Day once a month – that’s where we’re gonna go find the son of a bitch that wrote or said those things and just beat the shit out of them and we have a get out of jail free card. Bullying is the sport of the weak and afraid – trying to make themselves look tough. But I digress – this isn’t about bullying – it’s about the great writing style that takes us into the mind of the victim and shows us that sweet revenge can come when we least expect it. Good job, Kyle. Can I peek in your closet?

    • Kyle says:

      I should have married a cowboy! NKSAD is official. So happy you stopped by. I certainly have missed you. Thanks for reading this story. Now about the RUMORS. There is nothing in my closet… for those that are not afraid to imagine. I do believe that is what Albert Einstein was trying to get across.
       “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” I’m just sayin.

  4. Mac Eagan says:

    Kyle, I think I read this story the day it was posted and loved it immediately.  And an instant later I had a plan.
    Since Thorn indicated he cannot refuse you, and noted on your first story that you were outside the word limit but was letting it slide, tell him you want your first story disqualified and this one put in its place.  The first story is good, but this one is WAY better.
    How many times have any of us been put in an argument that, despite our best efforts, we could not win?  What good would it have done for the central character to deny the accusations?  The bullies were not looking for truth.  Counter-attack?  Would only have escalated the hatred.  Calmly point out the attackers most obvious weakness (a measure of illiteracy), now that it had been put on public display?  Ah, yes, and in a calm voice that demonstrates control, whether such control exists or not.

    • Kyle says:

      Mac, No one can analyze a story with such observation the way you can. You have always caused me to pull more out of a story that is laced with other possibilities that makes for great writing.  I agree I would like to consider my  first story beyond the word count, as just a couple of twigs to start the fire. I’ll have to catch Sir Thorn in a good mood which is almost always…He’s so tolerant! I’ll have to send his beloved cats some more premium cat nip. Mind you, not as a bribe for his favors…Homey don’t play that…but rather as a heart felt gift for reading all of our entries after a long and tired day at work.  He is such MY hero.

      Or you could ask him for me.
      From the mean girls point of view, I can only imagine how rattled they must have been when i pooped out of nowhere. Could there silence have been because, they already thought maybe a teacher was behind the stall, hiding with me? 

      • Kyle says:

         In reply to Mac Eagen comment.
         Notice how one misspelled word can make you look like a dumb ass?
        That is probably how the Mean Girls felt.The word Is of course… “POPPED” not pooped. Altho the first misspelled word could have added to a bit of comic relief and trailed on to another story line. Thank God I had the good sense to stop.  

          • Kyle says:

             Ha! Duct tape for the brain, so words don’t reach the mouth, is very handy I was court ordered to carry a role with me at all times!

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    I only wish that the public education system would place safeguards in place and punish cruelty, rascism, and bullies severely, and condition all students to resist and report the rampant cruelties of the school yard track. I saw things in public school that shocked my breath, fired my blood, and landed me in detention for rampant violence towards cruel-spotted bullies of all stripes. The system is all focus on the dry scholarship realms and completely pass over the schooling of how to be a ethical human being and a tolerant species.
    if only…

  6. Parisianne Modert says:

    Very powerfully expressed in words that flow a courageous stand up set of moments. The reality of your words made it hard to breath as I read. I pray you never went through anything like this Kyle, but fear you did by how real your words in the story are. Outstanding prose and dialogue. I curtsey to a great writer and humanitarian as yourself.

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