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No, I would not give you false hope …

neck and neck race

… on this strange and date-corrected day, but the winner and prize announcement are only a day away. Yes o, Literati, it’s neck and neck, so we need your votes now. Today is Tuesday, Wednesday 17, and the voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, the 18th at noon. (Never mind what I mistyped in an earlier post. […]

Parisianne Modert swears it’s not too late to reveal Victoria’s secret

  Victoria’s Secret model is well suited to serve as an intern                                                                                                        at the NEW  towers in Moscow that are […]

500 reasons to read this entry ($)

“I swear, it’s not too late.” Literati! I have procrastinated to sail to the edge of the world, for fear that I would drop off the edge into oblivion. But I have had to sail to the edge in search of a contest that will challenge your abilities to produce a brilliant and important piece […]

It’s Monday, so this must be Moscow

Image of sign in Russian

(Posted by Diana on behalf of our beloved Editor-in-Chief, based on documents smuggled out at great personal risk) O Literati! I am pleased to report I am out of the tarmac. Venezuela is not on the itinerary. I operated this morning out of the new home of A Word with You Press which is, indeed, […]

Tiffany Monique has a Jaded past! Our contest continues.

Literati!  New to our site is the brilliant Tiffany Monique, with her entry to our current contest Wingnuts. (http://www.awordwithyoupress.com/2013/05/04/wing-nuts-our-new-contest/ Her wingman as she sleazes into the bar is Dean Koontz.  Here is a bit about the lad: Koontz was born on July 9, 1945, in Everett, Pennsylvania, the son of Florence (Logue) and Raymond Koontz.[3][4] […]

Love Itself…Peggy Dobbs

                                                                     Anthony Quinn pontificates…or is that Derek Thomson from the other side of the pont, having just finished writing his novel The Covenant? (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/covenant-derek-thompson/1113841793) Literati (re)Build it, and they will come. Up and running again, our favorite writers are coming back to the playground.  Here is an entry into our contest Wingnuts by one of […]

Mac Eagan, n’est pas?

Good morning, Literati! Oh, my goodness!  Mac Eagan has decided to join us.  Here is his entry into the contest You Didn’t Write That. Simply titled: Tag.  You’re it! by Mac Eagan   “My name’s Luminess.” “Your name,” Detective Lasko grumbled as he opened a folder, “is Luis Michael Ness. You’re suspected in a dozen […]

If You Would Be Kind Enough To Assist

from http://iamschan.wordpress.com/

Weighing in at 193 words, this unusually curt period piece challenged the normal verbosity of 19th century fiction.  But never fear, with a reliable pair of seamstress scissors, an old Remington typewriter, and some glue, anything is possible.  This is Diana’s first submission to the “You Didn’t Write That” contest. The Invaluable Assistant by Diana […]