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“Thornton Sully is one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with.”

Laura Roser, CEO and Editor-in-Chief Legacy Arts Magazine

Tell It Like It Is…Episode 1

Writing with Purpose and Passion

Our Mission

There is no greater pleasure and no higher purpose than writing a story that connects us to one another.

For more than a decade, writers such as yourself have leveraged our award-winning professional editing and publishing management services to become successful authors. After all your labors, having your new-born book in your hands is euphoric.

Our mission is to partner with you to make that happen.

Bring us your story, work with us, and together we will make it a compelling page-turner. When your manuscript is the best it can be, we will guide you through the publishing process and find your readers.

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Join our community

  • We regularly sponsor writing contests on line and post your submissions for feedback from a community of kindred spirits equally engaged in improving their skills
  • We compile anthologies around specific topics and invite submissions from our community
  • We provide unique lessons whatever your skill level may be
  • We produce and broadcast video tutorials to help you up your game
  • We sponsor live and virtual workshops across the globe



Writing is a pleasure, and we are here to amplify the joy it brings to the writer and the reader.  Are you sitting on a manuscript or work-in-progress? We’d like a word from you. Introduce yourself and your project to the founder and Editor-in-Chief: 

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