Some of our contests are fun and easy, some require thought and hard work, but all will improve your skills as a writer and allow feedback from kindred spirits. Some contests have exact specifications regarding content and word-count; others have wider parameters.  All of them require your imagination on fire–and to write to a specific prompt. Winners are richly or amusingly rewarded. We’ve given away Barnes and Noble Nooks, trophies, books, cash and gift cards, and the right to name the editor-in-chief’s next born out-of-wedlock-child. And don’t forget the bragging rights! All we ask is that you share your entries and encourage friends to post comments on your pieces – you will not be disappointed.

Le cercle athlétique de Montmartre Paris - Photographer: Maurice-Louis Branger. 1913

Gymnasts of the Montmartre Athletic Circle. Paris, 1913.
– Photographer: Maurice-Louis Branger.

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