Gloat like a butterfly, Stang like a bee

Literati!  THE STANG is back!

In this photo he can be seen editing the comments  of a literary site that is NOT A Word with You Press.  They said they didn’t like his shorts, and he punctuated them in a flash. (Uhh, Mike is the one standing)

He knocked his writer’s block off, as every good editor must do.

Thanks for this one Mike.  I forgive you for being a better writer than me.

 “So What”

By Michael Stang



You didn’t write that.

Yes I did.  See it’s written in front of your face?

But what’s written is by someone else.  A lawyer will know; plagiarism is devastating.

Aw, come on.  The story is mine I only needed a beginning, is that so bad?

What do you think?  So rusty from a six-month hiatus from the group, are you invisible now?  Are you stupid?

Well, come to think of it, while the site was down others were tempting.  Writer’s took me under their wings, showed me sinful tricks I had never considered.  Why, yes, I spread my wings to foreign winds and sucked the primordial.

Don’t quote Joyce to me you idiot, you have to ditch this and start again.  What about the editor, how can you do this to him?

I try nothing but to get his attention.  This contest has to be my best for him to see.

See what?

See how much I love him.

Okay.  Listen.  Go back and do this again.  Write your story, tell him you love him by the story you have written, the only one that matters.  Wake up, Kathy.

26 thoughts on “Gloat like a butterfly, Stang like a bee

  1. Kyle says:

    Michael. You think, you spin it , you mold it into humble pie and then spit it out. What a way to say, I love you Bro. Vulnerability looks so good on you. 

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Ahhhhh everything is right in the world – I get to read Mike’s stuff again.   A pointy one but still with the melodic spell that your words do so well…what you do is voodoo – the good kind.  Now I’m happy – love you and thanks.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    Thank you Miryam.  It feels so complete to here from you.  An old soul of the site and life.  I harbor an existence of admiration for you and Brian.  Two beautiful hands of god, marching his word in the world.  I know you are busy…could you set aside a few to enter the contest.  It would mean so much.

  4. diana_SD says:

    Quirky little teardrops are collecting in my eyes. A great big “Awwww” creaks out of my parched throat.  I love the conversational feeling.  But who are you talking to?  Are there little little winged and horned figures sitting on your shoulders?  I wonder what they look like. . .

      • diana_SD says:

        One other thing. . .going to share any of those “sinful tricks”?  So intriguing.  This is really well written–even if I don’t know who Kathy is.

        • Michael Stang says:

          Oh they took me to places I have never seen with my eyes wide open.  Immortals clearly showing the irreverence of mortality.  They gave me plastic wings and danced me around on a pedestal.  With a cup of grape in one hand and a lute in another, I knew my serious writing had come to an end.  I hitched a ride out of the land of the olive trees, and the rest is history waiting to begin. Better for me (and you) to leave the sirens alone, and forget their wisdom. Unless, of course, YOU don’t want to.

  5. Mac Eagan says:

    I agree with the others who want to know more about “Kathy.”  So do I.  But other than that . . .
    This story starts out like voices in a fog – you hear them and understand them, but don’t really know what is going on.  Then the fog burns away and everything becomes clear.  You have a magnificent style, Mike.

  6. Chalice Divine says:

    The amazing contortions of the human heart when afflicted by the love lake. So deep, with warm spots, cold spots, breath tearing deep spots, and those dark and invisible squishys that we hope no one will ever step on and exclaim with disgust that we do not suffice.


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