Dear Abby…How can I win this contest?

 My living, loving, Literati!

Barbara Walker has found our rebooty site and has entered our contest You Didn’t Write That.  It’s amazing how many different perspectives the contest is inspiring. Barbara’s story is poignant and…well, why should I tell you what to think or feel.  It’s a good story, and a great addition to the contest.  Almost makes me regret playing with a picture to post like this…BUT NOT QUITE:

Abby Cadabby of Sesame Street who proclaims “I LOVE WORDS”

Here is

Dear Abby

by Barbara Walker


Why hasn’t she answered me?  Maybe she knows I’m a kid and she doesn’t answer kid’s letters, I thought.

I got in the car. Mom was taking me to the dentist. Before Mom started the car, she turned to me, with an envelope in her hand. My stomach felt like it went up into my throat.  “This is from “Dear Abby.”

“Hum, what does she want?” Maybe, if I play dumb…

“You didn’t write this?

“Well, yeesss. What did she say?’

“She said you should go to Alateen. That’s a club for kids.”

“Oh.” was all I could say.  I think I just broke one of Mom’s big rules, “Do not air your dirty laundry”, but, maybe, now, she would know how upset I am, if I would write to Dear Abby.

When she put the letter in her purse, without giving it to me, I had second thoughts about that idea.


OOPS!…WRONG Abby!  Here ya go…

Yippie! Abbie is a Literati!


10 thoughts on “Dear Abby…How can I win this contest?

  1. Kyle says:

     Nice change of direction, from a child’s point of view. Those voices of not airing the dirty laundry, even if it was stinkin up the joint. Thank goodness for programs such as Alateen. Great story!

  2. Brian says:

    Sometimes parents just can’t seem to listen……pushed a button…….in me……..
    NOW, I sit and listen to all of my children and grandchildren……

  3. Chalice Divine says:

    A stunning vignette of a child of the alcoholic. I shivered with shared terror, thinking about her next hard drunk and her burning resentment exploding over the unfortunate busted betrayal, raging out in a red wave of stunning blows and rabid tongue bites of the enraged adult avenging the unspoken unyielding law of ‘don’t tell’. been there, done that, survived it, and never ever forget.

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