Was it a vision? or had it just

played your eyes?

Hello again, my literary colleagues.  I am about to head up to Laguna Beach (yeah, life is tuff here) to work with one of my clients who is developing her memoirs that are morphing nicely into a novel.(It’s what I do, by the way. Send me an email to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com with your project proposal–up to 30 pages–and I will give you free, initial feedback. If you’ve got a stage or scream play–oops!–screen play–send the first ten pages and outline to the director of our new feature “Let’s Make a Scene”, Theresa Ann,  theresa@awordwithyoupress.com)

But before I filter (or not) the grounds of Sumatra still settling (or not) in my cup, let me post  the latest entry into our contest.  Debi Swim is new to our site, and I have a suspicion she was nudged into submission( don’t go there…well, maybe) by Sal Buttaci.  Our contest calls for a word count of between 150 and 200 words, and Debi apparently does not have word count on her Smith Corona.  We will let it slide to encourage her to submit repeatedly in the future (there, you may go!)

Thanks for joining us Debi, and sending this all the way from West Virginia.

Here is

You Didn’t Write That,

by Debi Swim

Maynard Keynes, economist to FDR


“Maynard, come here.”  He looked up from his desk, “Now what,” he thought, “what am I in trouble for this time?” He slowly slid his lanky frame from his desk and walked nonchalantly to the front. She held a folder out to him, “Look inside. Do you recognize this?”

“Sure, it’s my book report,” Maynard answered.  Mrs. Snavely looked at him over the top of her glasses. “Maynard,” she said, “You didn’t write that.”


His face turned red and his nostrils flared as he replied, “Yes, Mrs. Snavely, I did write that. That’s my handwriting.”  The teacher sighed, “I have no doubt that it is your handwriting. I do recognize the sloppy penmanship. When I say ‘you didn’t write that’ it refers to the content not the actual scribbling of letters.”

Fun loving sidekick to Dobie Gillis, Maynard G. Krebs


Maynard placed his hand on his heart, “Mrs. Snavely, you wound me. I read the book. I liked the book. I wrote the report. I know in the past I haven’t tried very hard but this book spoke to me. It was easy to write this report. Didn’t you think it was good enough?”  Mrs. Snavely held her hand out for the report. “Yes, Maynard it was an excellent report, full of good insights and examples of symbolism that most of my students miss.” Maynard encouraged by the praise asked, “Do you think I’m too stupid to write a good paper? Is that why you doubt me?”  “No, Maynard, you are certainly not stupid and you are capable of writing a paper like this.” Maynard relaxed and smiled his most charming smile, “Then why do you insist that I didn’t write this paper.”  Turning to the last page of the report she said, “Maynard you are not stupid but you are careless. The reason I know you didn’t write that is because in your haste you copied the real author’s name at the end of the report!”


12 thoughts on “Was it a vision? or had it just

  1. debi says:

    Thank you for overlooking my wordiness. I see could have shortened it and promise next time I will put my finger under each word and count!

  2. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    HAHAHAHAHA he got OWNED at the end!

    Welcome, Debi! This was such a cute story! It reminded me of the oh-so-lovely days of elementary school for me *gulp!*

    • debi says:

      Thanks Stars. I love a pat on the back. I’m new to this (are you all published authors?) and after reading these others stories, a little intimidated.

      • Mac Eagan says:

        Those of us who are not published authors, hope to be.  Do not be intimidated.  Mean people do not inhabit these parts, and you are safe.

        Welcome to the clubhouse.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    Thorn’s graphics stayed with me as read this story.  I followed along imagining the tv characters.  A tight story, and real perception into the teacher.  Thanks Debi.  Look forward to more.

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