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Our favorite Kiwi, a bird in hand

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” ― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird     Kia Ora! Parle vous Kiwi? Cute furry fruit.  Too bad it doesn’t fly.  Ahhhh,,,,,,but it Does have wings. When I was ten, my […]


  Ruthie Joyce  Special Assistant to Wuss n Boots: Ruthie (created in Ireland, dragged up in England) had been doodling for quite some time when she encountered Wuss ‘n Boots in 1998. She was only 11, and she found them quite odd. They have been inseparable ever since, and now from her base in London Ruthie […]

A Message From Granny

Mr. Sully, this here’s Granny and that lazy, no good cowboy and his worthless friend, Catlow, is gone fishin’ again. Funny thing about that is about the time they disappeared, so did Charlene Bottoms. You remember her don’t you? She’s the ol’ gal they named the bar out on North Bell Street after – you […]

You Don’t Need a Visa to Visit Germany

Rochelle Germany..yes, that is her real last name…no she is not German, has always dreamed of being a nerd. As a child she purposely failed vision tests in unsuccessful attempt to be prescribed glasses. She wasted rolls of aluminum foil making home made braces and still, much to her chagrin, became a jock (nurture over […]

Where words were never watered down, because we all know what a words worth.

My dear friend Brian Meredith thought perhaps we could amuse ourselves imagining being ponied up with our favorite author in their favorite pub.  Here is a collection of pubs that have lubricated some of the best literature in history. And here is one I’d like to add to the list, “Pop”  on Unterestrasse, in […]

Our Inaugural project for 2011

We are free to throw another log on the fire this year and watch the snow fall(or watch the surf roll in three blocks from here) because of the selflessness of our veterans.  One such veteran, Sergio Santos, attended our recent writer’s workshop with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jonathan Freedman.  While on break, Sergio told […]

What do Brad Pitt, Sir Edmund Hillary and Walt Disney have in common?

This was a question I asked my three children-Morgan, Tamara, and Tesse, to ponder when I dropped them off at the movies about twelve years ago… Christmas is the time more than ever when families express their commitment and love to one another, but in our culture, we have had to adapt to the fact […]

MY childhood is on the line. Pick up the phone…

Fair is fair.  So many of you have revealed the most intimate details of your childhood, that I owe you the same.  Besides, by entering the contest, I stand a good chance of winning the trophy myself (I sleep with the judge).  Mickey looks great  in HQ, and I could use a couple of rolls […]