We didnt’ write that, and we didn’t start the fire

But Julie Mark Cohen is hot!

Here is Julie’s entry into our contest You Didn’t Write That


but check this out after you read her story!


A Perfect Match

by Julie Mark Cohen


“You didn’t write that?” Annie asked.


“I tell my mother everything,” Barnaby blubbered, unbuttoning his shirt.


“Why did you tell her you want to make love to me?”


“You’re my soul mate.”


“I’m getting hot.”


“So, lie down on these,” he said, smirking, opening a chest, removing several moth-eaten blankets.


“No, you idiot. It’s getting hot up here.”


He yanked off his undershirt. “If it is, I’m not feeling it. Why not sit down next to me on this couch?”


“I don’t think so. Look across the attic,” she said, pointing toward the other end of the long, narrow space.


“I don’t see anything.”


“That’s my point.” she ducked below a desk, coughing, dragging a blanket with her.


Barnaby stood on the couch, his hand shielding his face. “Oh no. Flames are shooting through the floor.”


Poking her head out from underneath the blanket, she shrieked, “I don’t hear fire engines.”


“Even if they get here now, we’re doomed.”


“Why? Can’t we find the stairs?”

“The flames are traveling fast, toward us.”


A fireman stood in front of the burning nineteenth century row houses with a common attic, picked up a spent match, then heard a boy behind him chuckling.



Julie Mark Cohen before her life became structured

25 thoughts on “We didnt’ write that, and we didn’t start the fire

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    Liar liar pants on fire – or was that a ladybug that needed to get home fast…well that one ripped through and jolted the senses…cool!   Ummm maybe that should read hot!!!!  Liked it Julie.

  2. Tlrelf says:

    I watched the tale of Thorn’s love life before reading this, and I wonder if there’s a connection!
    Great piece. . .The chuckling boy has a story I’d like to hear, too! I’m thrilled we’re back. . .

  3. Barbara Walker says:

    Too bad she couldn’t have found out sooner that he told his mother everything-then she could have hot footed it out of there!

    • Julie4 says:

      Ah, if she knew beforehand, she would’ve hot-footed it sooner; she probably never would’ve accepted his invitation to go up into the attic. 

  4. Mac Eagan says:

    What gets me about this story is that you toy with us twice.  First, when the flames come out of nowhere, then you twist the knife with the revealing of the chuckling boy.  We all know by the time the fireman turns around the boy will be gone and although arson will be determined as the cause of the fire, the arsonist will get away with it.  Totally not fair.

    Which is probably what makes it such good writing.

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    How thought provoking and terrible. A chuckling arsonist, a horny soul, and a practical bewildered lover decending into such a terror. Distrubing, vivd, and chilly. very nice:)

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