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All submissions to the You Didn’t Write That contest, 9/17/2012 to 10/15/2012

Ernest and Pablo declined. So did Mitt(but may retroactively change his mind)

But, Literati, I see that I made it to finals (I sleep with the judge) I am inspired by Miryam Meier-Howard”s candor, that, and a single Sam Adams, so I thought I would, as O.J. Simpson failed to confess, give it a stab. Here is my entry into the contest You Didn’t Write That Women […]


  Good morning all, you who I affectionately and playfully refer to as my Literati What an incredible expression of love and trust Miryam Meier-Howard has bestowed upon us this morning, with her entry into our contest, whose finalist prompt is This changes everything. We have created a community that allows us to reveal the […]

In dogged pursuit of a winner, our contest continues

 Literati!  Ashley has submitted to our finals, with her take on the prompt “This changes everything”.  That leaves only Miryam Howard to send in her tail, as Ashley has done. Are You Positive? By Ashley Johnson   “Paul?” Elizabeth said quietly. She wasn’t entirely sure how to start the conversation. He seemed way too focused […]

Mac Eagan! You have been Thorned!

Literati! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, a Thorn by any other name, is still…a prick. Mac Egan!  You shoulda known better!  You have been thorned! For the uninitiated, “Thorning” is the act whereby I take your private emails to me, and decide that they really need to be broadcast without […]

Pants on Fire!

 This changes everything! Oh Literati! Michael Stang is once again a finalist in one of our contests.  Always the bridesmaid.  Will this entry change everything? Still need to hear from three others, but they have until noon tomorrow California time, to submit about 200 words using the prompt “This changes everything”. And then, we’ll […]

This changes everything. Our first finalist

Good evening, Literati! Pleased to say that my computer is behaving properly now–would not reboot for a few days until it was properly caffeinated. But now that i am back on line, let me post the first of our finalists in our contest You Didn’t Write That.  We  (moi, actually) demanded of our finalists a […]

“The San Andreas is not my fault!”

Ahhhh.  Guilt. Literati, it is best not to jump to conclusions when we blame ourselves for all the ills that beset the world.  Just look what it got what may very well be our last entrant to our contest, You Didn’t Write That. Here Timur Iablokov, who returns to us now that we are back […]

mari maiko rolls a pair o’ dice, gambling to win

Literati! Today is the last day you have to submit an entry into our contest You didn’t Write That. Those words must appear somewhere within the 150 to 200 words that you send us (moi, actually)  This entry is from former champion and contest winner of Your Childhood is on the Line, Mari Maiko. Seems […]

If you canned take the heat

Literati!  Stefani Allison enters our contest once more with a burning desire for literary recognition.  She might try a little canned heat. (editor’s note–that would be moi–ambition should bee made of sterno stuff)   Here is here entry into You Didn’t Write That. Our last submission will be accepted on Sunday, midnight California time (is […]

just a spock on the horizon

 Good Morning, yee who have but a few more days to submit an entry into our contest: You didn’t write that! Shawna Smart, who incurred the envy and wrath of others when she won our coveted CAT-ASS-Trophy last year has found us once again.  Glad to see you back my dear!  Let’s open this up and […]

Fifty Pimp shades of gray slacks

Literati!  Oh!  The chickens have indeed come home to roost!  A Ka’Thartic moment! The chicken would be Steve Bienfang.  The roost would be the towers that are A Word with You Press.  Steve had been a regular at our weekly writing groups, until the pull of Arizona, but as he stopped by today he was not […]

You Don’t want to incur my Roth!

Literati! How can I (aka moi) possibly relate to a story of undelighted–oops!–unrequited love?  But perhaps you can.  Please give the girl a little encouragement.  Tell her, remember love’s a game.  And if you want it, it can always come again… So…don’t let the sun catch you catch you cryin’ (I like that)  And by […]