Privacy Policy

Dear authors and readers,

We are working on an official, super-legalese privacy policy. In the interest of putting gravitas on a lo-carb diet, here are the basics:

  • We don’t track you on this site.  However, WordPress does track how many comments everyone makes.  We may decide to show that at some point; it will use the username you choose to sign up to make comments.
  • If you sign up for email, you’ll get the daily blog post digest and general announcements for workshops and seminars.
  • We will not sell your email addresses to anyone.
  • If you sign up on Facebook, you’ll get our undying gratitude, but no spam. (I have no idea what Facebook’s privacy policy is. You’ll need to check on their site.)
  • Authors, any information you provide in your submissions, including email addresses or other contact information are completely private. We do post author names, ’cause you know you want your name out there, right?
  • Unless otherwise stated, publishing rights revert back to the author upon publication on our site. If, at the time we solicit and accept entries to a contest, we anticipate publishing hard-copy, rights revert back to the author after that publication, and we will express this with the contest announcement. Submitting to a contest does not obligate us to publish your entry either on line or in hard copy. If we do not post your story on line by the time the contest concludes and winners are announced, all rights remain with the author.

If you have questions, please contact us.