And this just in from Berlin

Guten Tag, miene Literati

Morgan just sent this dispatch from Berlin.  Wait!…Does that mean he is in Berlin and sent a dispatch from there?  Or does it mean he is Gnome, Alaska, and the dispatch that he sent originated from Berlin?  It is all very confusing.  Wait…what does “it” refer to?  Wait again…Did I just end a sentence with a propositi–oops!–preposition?

But the message is klar–Do not let your participles dangle!

Thanks for this, Morgan…Don’t let your luft waffe.

First, we take Manhattan. THEN WE TAKE BERLIN! (Leonard Cohen)

3 thoughts on “And this just in from Berlin

  1. diana_SD says:

    I love this. Potentially offensive, but since I’ve been called a grammar Nazi, I appreciate the dark humor.  The only objection is that the schweinhund should have done himself in after accusing the poor man of ending a sentence with a preposition.  That is one of the top ten grammar myths.  It’s a perfectly acceptable part of speech to end a sentence WITH.  Much great literature does so, and style guides will confirm its propriety.  So wag those sentences with preposition tails all you want, if it flows.

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