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No, I would not give you false hope …

neck and neck race

… on this strange and date-corrected day, but the winner and prize announcement are only a day away. Yes o, Literati, it’s neck and neck, so we need your votes now. Today is Tuesday, Wednesday 17, and the voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, the 18th at noon. (Never mind what I mistyped in an earlier post. […]

Important Changes to Peggy Dobbs Contest Judging

Change Sign

Dearest All, On behalf of Thorn and in consideration of our recent technical difficulties on the Web site, I’d like to let you all know about a few changes. First, with regard to the Peggy Dobbs Contest, judging will be done by vote, which you may have seen in comments and in email. However, since […]

Archival Post: Instructions for Entering First Annual Peggy Dobbs Writing Contest

[This post was originally displayed as home page content at the beginning of the First Annual Peggy Dobbs Writing Contest in 2013. It is added here in the blog to preserve for posterity.] DID YOU COME TO ENTER OUR CONTEST? [Read the latest entries and announcements] HERE IS A LITTLE BACKGROUND AND HOW TO ENTER: […]

It’s Monday, so this must be Moscow

Image of sign in Russian

(Posted by Diana on behalf of our beloved Editor-in-Chief, based on documents smuggled out at great personal risk) O Literati! I am pleased to report I am out of the tarmac. Venezuela is not on the itinerary. I operated this morning out of the new home of A Word with You Press which is, indeed, […]

Your Name in Lights

Working hard

Greetings, fellow authors and readers, Our eagle-eyed followers have brought it to my attention that the contest postings aren’t showing up on our site menu.  I apologize for being away from my duties and letting the site maintenance lag. So I dutifully dragged myself away from my sandy white beach and umbrella drinks served by attentive […]

If You Would Be Kind Enough To Assist


Weighing in at 193 words, this unusually curt period piece challenged the normal verbosity of 19th century fiction.  But never fear, with a reliable pair of seamstress scissors, an old Remington typewriter, and some glue, anything is possible.  This is Diana’s first submission to the “You Didn’t Write That” contest. The Invaluable Assistant by Diana […]

Thorn’s Back!


Ladies and Gentlemen, and those of you who struggle to perceive yourself as inhabitants of either of these categories,                                    Welcome back! (Actually, welcome for the first time to the) A Word with You Press First Annual Site ReBoot(y) Rumours of my demise have been greatly appreciated. I had a little trouble getting it up […]

Of Cavemen and Kismet

A hush falls over the room, and our inner caveman dares to venture outside the circle of firelight to gaze open-mouthed when Fate smiles.  For she speaks to us in capital letters, no matter what name we call her: Serendipity, Lady Luck, or perhaps Divine Intervention. A thousand horrible little misfortunes may assail us with […]