No, I would not give you false hope …

neck and neck race

… on this strange and date-corrected day, but the winner and prize announcement are only a day away.

Yes o, Literati, it’s neck and neck, so we need your votes now. Today is Tuesday, Wednesday 17, and the voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, the 18th at noon. (Never mind what I mistyped in an earlier post. A thousand pardons, my friends.)

Thorn will announce the winner tomorrow evening, Wednesday, December 18th, at 6 PM, Pacific Standard Time. (That’s 3 PM on Thursday, the 19th, for our authors in Fiji. If we don’t have any, I promise to personally fix that.)

So finalists, make sure your PayPal accounts are ready to receive, and win or lose, know you have the admiration of your readers and colleagues here at A Word with You Press.

Stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “No, I would not give you false hope …

  1. thorn says:

    Excellimp! An absolute tie at the moment.feel free to use the comment spaces below to lobby for your favorite entries…but no lobbying by finalists! That is what bribery is for!

    • Glclark says:

      I offered three producing oil wells, two angus calves, and a weekend Condo on the beach at South Padre Island and that didn’t even get me in the finals. I’m thinkin’ this bribery ploy is not what it seems.

        • Glclark says:

          Heck no, Stang. That back porch is sacred land. Nobody goes out there what don’t belong.
          The other night me and Catlow was sittin out there drinkin’ Boone’s Farm out of our monogrammed mayonnaise jars and chunkin’ rocks at a Yankee that strayed south of the Red River. Granny was plum busted out on gin and was workin’ on her Dougie when all of a sudden two assh###s from White Rock walked out on the porch and spat on Miss Charlotte’s petunias.
          Now the Lord His-Self can forgive sins and us regulars down at Cheater’s can see our way clear to let somebody that don’t know no better make a mistake or two. But y’a don’t spit on Miss Charlotte’s petunias and y’a don’t bring no Yankee out there neither even if it means winnin’ five hunnerd bucks in a writin’ contest.

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    May the best starship win…”Ooops, I did it again”. May the best Unicorn win a kiss. “I’m not that innocent.”

    Now, I’m holding up three fingers on my left hand and three fingers on my right hand. Add the fingers together and how should you vote? Bippidy…bobbidy…me.

  3. Parisianne Modert says:

    Got my money on the number 6 and number 4 thoroughbreds in a photo finish and the winner is number 6 by a unicorn’s horn. Horse race inquiry? Decision tomorrow at six for number 6?

  4. Parisianne Modert says:

    The clue may be up above from words within the song “Mother and Child Reunion” by Paul Simon.

    “No I wopuld not give you false hope
    On this strange and mournful day
    But the mother and child reunion
    Is only a motion away”

    Last minute prediction of “Mother Song” by a nose to win. I think that contestant will be Kristy Webster.

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