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Salvete? You betcha! The Write-of-Passage continuums

“You cannot live in a bubble” says Sal Buttaci hosting the first annual writer’s retreat on Mars. Oh! How pleased I am to say, Literati, that one of our very own writers is the Sal survivor of time/space travel. Salvatore Buttaci’s imagination is light-years ahead of us, but he has circled about to land this […]

If You Would Be Kind Enough To Assist

from http://iamschan.wordpress.com/

Weighing in at 193 words, this unusually curt period piece challenged the normal verbosity of 19th century fiction.  But never fear, with a reliable pair of seamstress scissors, an old Remington typewriter, and some glue, anything is possible.  This is Diana’s first submission to the “You Didn’t Write That” contest. The Invaluable Assistant by Diana […]