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Interns stoop to Billy Holder’s level!

  Literati! A Word with You Press is pleased to announce the arrival of two new interns at the towers here in Moscow.  Bronwyn Miles (left) and Candace Louise were twins separated at birth and only re-discovered each other after responding to the same add for interns at our Moscow office!  Amazingly, both are students […]

It’s Monday, so this must be Moscow

Image of sign in Russian

(Posted by Diana on behalf of our beloved Editor-in-Chief, based on documents smuggled out at great personal risk) O Literati! I am pleased to report I am out of the tarmac. Venezuela is not on the itinerary. I operated this morning out of the new home of A Word with You Press which is, indeed, […]

Our favorite Kiwi, a bird in hand

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” ― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird     Kia Ora! Parle vous Kiwi? Cute furry fruit.  Too bad it doesn’t fly.  Ahhhh,,,,,,but it Does have wings. When I was ten, my […]

Thorn’s Back!


Ladies and Gentlemen, and those of you who struggle to perceive yourself as inhabitants of either of these categories,                                    Welcome back! (Actually, welcome for the first time to the) A Word with You Press First Annual Site ReBoot(y) Rumours of my demise have been greatly appreciated. I had a little trouble getting it up […]

Words of Welcome from Across the Pond

Hi all, I’m Derek Thompson – the projects guy who works at a distance. But enough of my aloofness. I’m a writer and editor. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff – short and long fiction, for adults and children; magazine pieces and the occasional column; comedy material for cards, print, web, radio and live […]

A Message From Granny

Mr. Sully, this here’s Granny and that lazy, no good cowboy and his worthless friend, Catlow, is gone fishin’ again. Funny thing about that is about the time they disappeared, so did Charlene Bottoms. You remember her don’t you? She’s the ol’ gal they named the bar out on North Bell Street after – you […]

Of Cavemen and Kismet

A hush falls over the room, and our inner caveman dares to venture outside the circle of firelight to gaze open-mouthed when Fate smiles.  For she speaks to us in capital letters, no matter what name we call her: Serendipity, Lady Luck, or perhaps Divine Intervention. A thousand horrible little misfortunes may assail us with […]

You Don’t Need a Visa to Visit Germany

Rochelle Germany..yes, that is her real last name…no she is not German, has always dreamed of being a nerd. As a child she purposely failed vision tests in unsuccessful attempt to be prescribed glasses. She wasted rolls of aluminum foil making home made braces and still, much to her chagrin, became a jock (nurture over […]