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I discovered another amazing mind here in Prague

"...what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons..." Oscar Wilde

All the Light We Cannot See

(I'm the one with the beard and glasses)


Got talent?

Ask questions of your parents before the chance evaporates

When words fail, music prevails

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain." Bob Dylan

Letter from the Editor

I, too, sing America . . . and Czech Republic . . . and undiscovered [...]

Your invitation to a webinar

"It's none of their business you had to learn how to write. Let them think [...]


The Third Whale

What sacrifice could you make in the name of love?

The time to hesitate is through!

Our first post-covid writerly thing!

Apathy is brutal–here is your personal invitation to action

“The reason there is evil in the world is that people are not able to [...]

Black lives, tattered

"The reason there is evil in the world is because people don't get to tell [...]


Coronan the Barbarian

"I am the distance you put between all of the moments that we will be." [...]


Prooof Reeding!

That Game of Thorn's