It’s Monday, so this must be Moscow

Image of sign in Russian

(Posted by Diana on behalf of our beloved Editor-in-Chief, based on documents smuggled out at great personal risk)

O Literati!

I am pleased to report I am out of the tarmac. Venezuela is not on the itinerary. I operated this morning out of the new home of A Word with You Press which is, indeed, in Moscow, as you can see from the Russian sign. The only holdup now is having a computer.  That should happen soon, once I can find one with an English QWERTY keyboard, instead of Cyrillic.

A Word with You Press will reinstate  monthly contests as soon as I have a computer of my own and the flash drive that contains my entire computer contents is smuggled in from Oceanside. But the rules will change just a bit.  First, all newcomers will pay a fee per contest of five or ten dollars. Loyal followers of AWwYP, never fear!  For all those who have entered our contests up until now (you know who you are), there will never be an entry fee for the contests except under extraordinary circumstances. An example of such circumstance would be if we hold a contest with a cash prize in excess of $500–which we may do!

I do not expect to make money on the contests, just cover expenses, which we have learned is a necessity for managing life’s mundane requirements, like Internet connections and electricity. Sometimes the cost and shipping of a trophy or prize has cost as much as $125. I still intend to use great prizes as a lure. I also intend to make a serious recruitment effort to get new participants. Although the entire internet is available to do so, I believe I can personally recruit entrants from Moscow, which is a university town and in which I already have made great contacts.  This is Hemingway country (the real Moscow); occasionally you can ketchum wandering the netherworld talking about gun control.

Contests are what brought many of you here.  However, we will continue to offer publishing services, including editing and publishing new authors.  I have plans for teaching some classes and workshops for children and adults.  Thorn’s Blog will resume once my schedule is stable–and I have the equipment.

Image of Red Square
Up close and personal at Red Square

Moscow is Kuhl. I have not had a single bad day here. Everyday some new opportunity comes up. Today, for example, as I finished the phone work with my Laguna Beach client, a woman walked in wondering what I was doing and intrigued by the sign in the window. Turns out she is book critic for NPR. How serendipitous is that?

I’m enjoying my new digs completely … and Moscow is the only place I have found where beer is as cheap as coffee!  Or should I say, cheap as borscht?

The Phoenix is getting off its ash!
Cheers my dears!
Comrade in Chief

6 thoughts on “It’s Monday, so this must be Moscow

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I wouldn’t think of Putin you down, but that ain’t русский язык (the russian language). It isn’t even нести дерьмо на картофель (bear shit on a potato). Everybody misses you chief. Be well and tell Vladimir I’m looking forward to taking him one way ice fishing. Idea is man drills hole, man catches fish, man eats fish, bear eats man with fish stuffing, potato gets topping. It’s the cycle of life Russian style.

  2. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    I always dreamed of going to Moscow, but I could never find a piggy bank large enough to hold the necessary nickels for the trip. A neighbor of mine in Brooklyn back in the late 1940s told me all about Stalin’s dinner parties where he selected a few guests for execution after they had their dessert (sometimes before dessert if they had dared say grace before the meal). How exciting! I dreamed of sitting at Uncle Joe’s table trying to guess exactly whom he’d choose. Being a good guesser, I figure I could probably pick four out of five. Anyway, it never happened. I can only see Moscow on the TV news or in photo albums of my old neighbor Boris Scaredshitsky who managed to escape Russia in the suitcase of a famous ballerino. To this day he walks on his toes, stooped over like a man searching for lost rubles.

  3. Sheri Strobaugh says:

    Glad you are digging in to your vibes and having great days. Looking forward to the next contest. Take care Thorn…

  4. ArcaneStatic says:

    So, is the HQ ACTUALLY in Russia now, or is it in Moscow, Idaho, which is also a college town? I may have missed some information here.

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