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The 18th of April, in ’75

(hardly a man is still alive who remembers that famous day and year and the midnight ride of Paul Revere…just sayin’… My second fav patriot…right after Sam Adams)  To Arms! To Arms! A Word with You Press is Coming! (to a newsletter near you) Literati! I have collected, one at a time, your email addresses […]

It’s Monday, so this must be Moscow

Image of sign in Russian

(Posted by Diana on behalf of our beloved Editor-in-Chief, based on documents smuggled out at great personal risk) O Literati! I am pleased to report I am out of the tarmac. Venezuela is not on the itinerary. I operated this morning out of the new home of A Word with You Press which is, indeed, […]

Your Name in Lights

Working hard

Greetings, fellow authors and readers, Our eagle-eyed followers have brought it to my attention that the contest postings aren’t showing up on our site menu.  I apologize for being away from my duties and letting the site maintenance lag. So I dutifully dragged myself away from my sandy white beach and umbrella drinks served by attentive […]