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first annual contest in honor of peggy dobbs sept to thanksgiving 2013

And the winner is…

Go Ahead!  Scroll down to the bottom. You know you want to. But then come back to join me, won’t you? First, let me get my angries out of the way. Someone anonymous left a comment after Tuesday’s announcement that implored those who had not voted to participate, and the comment was “yawn”.  I invite whoever […]

No, I would not give you false hope …

neck and neck race

… on this strange and date-corrected day, but the winner and prize announcement are only a day away. Yes o, Literati, it’s neck and neck, so we need your votes now. Today is Tuesday, Wednesday 17, and the voting closes tomorrow, Wednesday, the 18th at noon. (Never mind what I mistyped in an earlier post. […]

Important Changes to Peggy Dobbs Contest Judging

Change Sign

Dearest All, On behalf of Thorn and in consideration of our recent technical difficulties on the Web site, I’d like to let you all know about a few changes. First, with regard to the Peggy Dobbs Contest, judging will be done by vote, which you may have seen in comments and in email. However, since […]

Archival Post: Instructions for Entering First Annual Peggy Dobbs Writing Contest

[This post was originally displayed as home page content at the beginning of the First Annual Peggy Dobbs Writing Contest in 2013. It is added here in the blog to preserve for posterity.] DID YOU COME TO ENTER OUR CONTEST? [Read the latest entries and announcements] HERE IS A LITTLE BACKGROUND AND HOW TO ENTER: […]

Tech stuff at a most inopportune time

Good evening! I came to the office to enter this announcement, and discovered our host is updating their end of the site which has led to the temporary shutdown of our slider and postings. Diana and Morgan will no doubt solve the problem, but it may be late tomorrow before we are back on track, […]

Living in Infamy. Yes! December 7th!

(Satikush Hemingcat oversees the random selection at the towers) Literaiti! Good evening from the towers that ARE …A Word with You Press! I shiver…but deliver! I’m telling Santa (seen here in the photo out of uniform) if you scroll by all of this to see if your name is among the finalists. “Read this, O […]

I swear it’s not too cold!

(what air looks like when it is three degrees outside my office in Moscow) Literati! This is the final evening that I will be posting the stories submitted for our First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest because…It’s Over!  The deadline to submit to the editor-in-chief (moi) is never over, but the deadline to submit a […]

Marathorn man…posting our final entries

(now that turkey is no longer on your plate, I will get down to the business of posting stories!) Literati! Happy left-overs-day to all of you from the entire staff (moi) manning the towers that are A Word with you Press across from Friendship Square in beautiful sunny downtown Moscow, the land of the double entundra!  […]

Critical Mass

(Question: Will the new pope reverse the church’s stance on birth control?  Answer: That’s inconceivable…don’t be poposteros!)   Literati! I realize the restless are getting native.  I have not posted a new story in well over a week.  I have at least 15 stories yet to be posted, and others coming in daily as our […]

500 reasons to read this entry ($)

“I swear, it’s not too late.” Literati! I have procrastinated to sail to the edge of the world, for fear that I would drop off the edge into oblivion. But I have had to sail to the edge in search of a contest that will challenge your abilities to produce a brilliant and important piece […]