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SECRET SCENE IV–Carrie on baggage

  Literati! Theresa Ann here!  Our stage play continues for Let’s Make a Scene with our oh-so-innocent Ashley having a chat with her neighbor Michael, still brooding at imagined infidelities of his boyfriend, Taylor. Visit my dressing room under Departments to begin at the beginning.  Bring roses. Scene IV MICHAEL Keep a secret?  Of course.  […]


Theresa Ann Portrait

SCENE II Previously in Scene II.   Ashley glances at Ted’s laptop, her conscience looping furiously.  It would be a violation of his privacy to check his emails, wouldn’t it?  Maybe.  What if she found emails to someone else?  Or a racy ad on Plenty of Fish?  Did she really trust him?  She should just trust […]

Curtain Call! Let’s make a Scene!

Oh, Literati! (Stephen Cobert has Nation, Rush Limbaugh has Dittoheads  but A Word with You Press has Literati!) Who among us would not want to take direction from our favorite Kiwi, Theresa Ann?  (ME, Me, Pick ME!) Today Theresa Ann launches her inter-active department Let’s Make a Scene. (copyrighted) What fun!  Here is her stage […]