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Contest beginning September 2012, ending midnight October 15

This takes the cake: A Winner D’Eclaired

Literati! Let it be said that the editor-in-chief (fur immer moi) is courageous.  Although I reserve the right to retroactively change my mind, at this moment my etch is sketched, and I have determined a winner for our contest You Didn’t Write That. The cowardly way, would of course, have been to assign the judging to […]

Contest finalists denounced

Literati! After careful debilitation I have contrived at my derision: Here are the four finalists for our contest You Didn’t Write That Tisha Deutsch Mike Stang Ashley Johnson Mitt Romney Mac Eagan Thornton Sully Miryam Howard Pablo Picasso Ernest Hemmingway What is amazing to me, however, is that of the 45 or 50 stories, none […]

All good ends must come to a thing!

Literati!  I might be gambling here, but there is just an hour and 45 minutes before our contest closes, and it is already past my going to bed alone time. So I now have all the entries into our contest You didn’t Write That. In the morning I will announce 4 finalists–two by merit-which is […]

The Great and Powerful Oz changing the rules again!

Literati! You are my little blue pill. The best way for us to recover from the damage done by the nasty (but vanquished) hackers is to rebuild our readership… The more people who visit the site, the more entries and variety we will have for our contests, which of course makes all this worthwhile.  Our […]

Take two writers, drink plenty of liquids, and call me in the morning

Literati!  At last!  The contest. You are visiting A Word with You Press because there is not a successful twelve step program for our shared addiction.  Some of us do it secretly, late at night, when the kids can’t see us.  Some of us do it shamelessly in public places that dose us with caffeine.  […]