Karla Onstott is unprincipal-ed…but she’s got a handle on it.

 Ahh, Literati!

Seems like we are not yet ready to put out to pasture.  Our core writers are returning now that Diana and Morgan and Rochelle have vanquished those bully hackers and disinfected the swing set.  Once you do it with A Word with You Press you don’t EVER go back.  Good to see you back, Karla.  Say hello to the gang, and gang, say hello to Karla, entering our contest You Didn’t Write That.  And we’ve got a few in the chute behind her.  To enter to win a dinner date with the editor-in-chief (that would be Moi) at the Macdonald’s of your choice within a three mile radius of the towers that are A Word with You Press (or some kuhl trophy yet to be determined), pull down the contests from the menu bar, and see what you can do.

Here is


By Karla Onstott


“You didn’t write that . . tell me you didn’t write that.”

Janie was looking right at me with a look that said she could fall apart or burst into tears or slap me. Maybe all three.

“We said we wouldn’t get mad when we read it.”

“Easy for you to say when no one wrote anything negative on your page.”

I shrugged. What do you say? Maybe my page was blank because no one wanted to slam the person who thought to start the slam book. Either that or people really do like me and have nothing to say. Weird as it sounds, I was kind of looking forward to seeing some mean thing scrawled in there. Maybe so I could join my fellow students who all had at least one cruel thing written down on their pages. Having absolutely nothing on my page was frankly a little boring.

“It looked like your writing,” Janie huffed.

“Why would I write, ‘Janie is a fat cow’ when I’m bigger than you! Anyways, I’m smart enough to change my handwriting, duh.”

Cowabunga Janie! Don’t let Ronald MacDonald get a load a you.

She rolled her eyes. Better than bursting into tears.

“Ladies? Principal Handle will see you now.”

Great, here we go.

11 thoughts on “Karla Onstott is unprincipal-ed…but she’s got a handle on it.

  1. Kyle says:

    You have captured a timeless, universal nightmare. I remember the time I went into the girls bathroom, written on the wall was something not so nice about me and another friend. I can’t imagine, with the use of social media how this could just flaten you! Nicely done.

  2. diana_SD says:

    I want to know more about the young lady who WANTS people to say something bad about her.  Bored teenager? In need of attention, even negative attention?  And I want to know how the meeting with the principal goes.  Thanks for drawing me in with a snapshot of developing teenage social skills served with a generous dollop of angst.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    Principal Handle is another story.  Leaves us something to look forward to, but the slam book idea is great.  Perhaps a contest idea but then again no.  How foolish to think like that if even in fun.   I will leave it to you,  Karla, to your explorations.

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    Karla – glad you’re back with an awesome tale or is that tail???  The book idea is ingenious but I think its called Twitter of Facebook now!   It always hurts when something is said and you get slammed – I usually think that when that happens and it has to me many times, you begin to look to see whose issue is it really?  The slammed or the slammer!  Good read!

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    Oh gads, shades of the hellish halls of education. I lingered not one second more then when i realised they coulnd’t make me anymore, then I snatched a GED and fled the state. Can’t say I miss the haze, but you really captured the daze:)

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