Jaws–Just when you thought it was safe to get back in your SUV

Good morning Literati!

At least, it is morning at the towers of A Word with You Press.  I have returned from the beach where I watched birds, surfers, and dolphins and wished that the woman of my dreams was sitting beside me, and of course, I caffeinated myself.

Back at the towers, now, where another contest entry for You Didn’t Write That was clawing from the backside of my computer monitor. This entry is from Ably Surreal–oops!– I mean Abi Sorrel.  Have not seen her on the site before, so please, don’t say anything about my equal opportunity flirtations or seventh grade humo(u)r.  Let’s not scare her off.  Let’s instead see her entry, for the contest that allows all of you to express the real reasons you like/love/need to write, and be read by others.  Abi calls her work Aggrivate Complexions, oops!  I mean


Aggregate Connections

by Abi Sorrel


“You didn’t write that, did you?” Lorcan said, pointing from his driver’s seat to a crumpled copy of the City Chronicle on his passenger Solomon’s lap.


“Of course I did,” said Solomon, long-time colleague. “My task committee is striving to make The Public aware of our invaluable work.”


“Your Op-Ed piece went too far.” Lorcan reached for the newspaper, his hand blocked.


Solomon recoiled within the restricted space. “What? I wrote the truth about this garage. The engineer-of-record, PhenomStructures, saved the state agency three million dollars.”


“So what? No one peer-reviewed their work. This morning, the agency sent out a request for qualifications to remediate water leakage. I examined the drawings and found the shear connectors in the roof planks are too small for heavy SUVs.”


“You’re overreacting… again.”


“Look at us. We’ve got to get out of here now.” Lorcan grabbed the large tape measure he kept in the door and pounded on his partially open window, breaking it into shards. “Where’s the smoke coming from?”


“Uhhh… the car next to us.”


Their legs trapped, the shell of Lorcan’s car crushed by several collapsed precast concrete roof planks, they could only wait for the Jaws of Life.

What? You were expecting a shark?


And why do you write?  Pull down the rules of the contest from the menu bar, and then expose yourself to the followers of A Word with You Press.







12 thoughts on “Jaws–Just when you thought it was safe to get back in your SUV

  1. Kyle says:

    Abi, This was fabulous. You established drama and predicament early on, by asking the question first.
    I particularly loved your description, ‘Soloman recoiled within the restricted space’.  Great visual of a snake. Hope the jaws of life can ressusitate his crushed career, Or am I over reacting again? Well done.

  2. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    Will they continue life on this plane or be born in the next?

    Alas, we await the Jaws of Life to speak. Welcome, Abi <3

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    Clever, spine tingling (unless that’s the Jaws of Life), mind spinning…yes you are one of us…welcome to the group Abi and please write more….

  4. Michael Stang says:

    Great tension erupts within and without the car.  Sadly a familiar slice of engineering shortcuts that are all to common in the world of construction.  A tight write, Abi.  Get comfy.

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    Smooooooth and striking scenario. Having once been sealed into a crumpled can of a car, waiting for those jaws while the sky poured ice coated rain and the flashlights of the rescue workers dazzled my blood clouded eyes, I can only sympathise.

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