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Seyfert and Julie Mark Cohen conspire to run amok–oops! I mean a muck!

Literati, also just under the wire came Julie Mark Cohen's third entry into our contest, lugging along that loveable tri-pod, Assymetrical Seyfert. Seems to me we've got two more entries after this, which chef Tiffany Vakilian is preparing for your consumption. And a commercial note here: We have less than a week before we must submit Kristy Webster's manuscript for publishing. Please, this is a family effort to make our expenses. How much did you spend on yourself the last time you went out for lunch? Do the equivalent of inviting Kristy to lunch, donating that amount to her campaign. Kristy will personally sign and send a copy of "The Gift of an Imaginary Girl" to each of her supporters. Please be one of them. The link to her campaign follows Syefert's boyish romp.

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Wing Nuts: Our new Contest





My lascivious literati,

On behalf of Thorn, Gary, Diana, Derek, Billy, Ruth, Morgan and the Satikushes and Granny…Here we go again!

Here is the sinario for our new contest, written in winglish:

You are in your favorite sleazy bar…

You’re getting trashed with (Steinbeck/Shelley/Austin/London/Tan/Villasenor/Folz/

Bukowski/Hemingway/Sully, Clark, Thompson…etc) …your wingman/woman…

Just as you lift your glass over the rim you see the one you were there to forget/remember….you
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