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Seyfert and Julie Mark Cohen conspire to run amok–oops! I mean a muck!

Literati, also just under the wire came Julie Mark Cohen’s third entry into our contest, lugging along that loveable tri-pod, Assymetrical Seyfert. Seems to me we’ve got two more entries after this, which chef Tiffany Vakilian is preparing for your consumption. And a commercial note here: We have less than a week before we must submit Kristy Webster’s manuscript for publishing. Please, this is a family effort to make our expenses. How much did you spend on yourself the last time you went out for lunch? Do the equivalent of inviting Kristy to lunch, donating that amount to her campaign. Kristy will personally sign and send a copy of “The Gift of an Imaginary Girl” to each of her supporters. Please be one of them. The link to her campaign follows Syefert’s boyish romp.

Julie Mark Cohen becomes Intergalactic…AGAIN–the contest


Seyfert, my dear Literati, survived our hiatus from cyberspace just fine.  He is the lovable character of Julie Mark Cohen’s imagination. He is everyman, not quite fitting in but too sweet to leave out in the cold on a rainy night.  And so cuddly!

Here he is getting into the swim of things in our contest that requires the writer to build a story around a single word: AGAIN.

Julie Mark Cohen cellebrates our new contest

(Killer books, huh?)     Literati! We all know Julie Mark Cohen as the creator of that loveable assssssymetrical alien Seyfert. But here she is writing outside the box and inside the cell: a prologue for our contest Once Upon a Time, which requires that you begin the novel that, once upon a time, you […]

Holy Romancing Roufus Ribbons! Julie Cohen and Seyfert are at the door!

(intern finds nothing sarong with breaching the toga of the editor-in-cheek) Oh!   My Literadical Literati! That asymmmmetrical everyman from a galaxy far, far away, has returned for re-entry into our contest: A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Contest. Sefert got word that the deadline has been extended until February 28th.  […]

Julie Mark Cohen: Looking for love in all the wrong spaces!

(editor-in-chief–moi–seen here skyping with Julie Mark Cohen. “You’re just not my skype!” she said….Ouch!) Hello once more from the Towers that are A Word with You Press. Julie Cohen has become the designated chanel-er for Seyfert, the loveable, asymmetrical every-man from a galaxy far, far away. Seyfert has visited us before, and Julie is soon […]

Wigwam wool socks… Julie Mark Cohen offers creative bribe…editor-in-chief (moi) accepts

(I got you, babe!) Literati! It’s GREAT to be king!  You not only get to MAKE the rules; you get to ignore them when it suits your selfish needs! Julie Mark Cohen, who has been a contestant (and to my recollection winner of one of our contests?  We have had about thirty. Or forty. Can’t […]

Wing Nuts: Our new Contest

        My lascivious literati, On behalf of Thorn, Gary, Diana, Derek, Billy, Ruth, Morgan and the Satikushes and Granny…Here we go again! Here is the sinario for our new contest, written in winglish: You are in your favorite sleazy bar… You’re getting trashed with (Steinbeck/Shelley/Austin/London/Tan/Villasenor/Folz/ Bukowski/Hemingway/Sully, Clark, Thompson…etc) …your wingman/woman… Just as […]