Seyfert and Julie Mark Cohen conspire to run amok–oops! I mean a muck!

Seyfert Visits His Best Friend, Seyllium, for a Sleepover in the Backyard

by Julie Mark Cohen


“Muck monsters in the pond!” Seyfert screamed, galloping toward his friend Seyllium’s house.

Seyllium followed close behind. “Run for your life!”

Both yelled toward the kitchen window. “Muck monsters!”

Seyllium’s mother, Seyannie appeared in the kitchen door. “What’s going on?”

“Monsters. We saw them through the cracks in the tent.”

“Don’t be silly,” Seyannie said.

“I want Daddy. He knows how to get the monsters to leave.”

Seyannie said, “It’s late. Why don’t you two get some sleep?”

“I’m s-s-scared,” said Seyfert. “Those aren’t shadows. They’re real. They-”

“Seyfert, you must be frightened. Look at you.”

Seyfert stood in a deepening pile of black gooey flakes streaming from a chitinous patch on his torso. He turned his back toward her and smirked.

“Seyllium, you’re shaking,” Seyannie said.

“Go get Daddy,” said Seyllium, turning toward Seyfert, chuckling under this breath.

“What’s going on out here?” Seymichael stamped his three feet. “Every time we invite this young fellow to visit our son, something bad happens. Seyfert, turn and face me.”

Seyfert spun around on his longest and mid-length legs, holding his pajama toga sleeve over his mouth.

“You boys, go in the house. Seyannie, you’re coming with me,” demanded Seymichael as he grabbed two flashlights. “I need to get to the bottom of this.”

“There’s probably nothing beneath the surface. Just two boys seeing shadows in the light of the moons.”

The boys watched and listened.

“I’m afraid this won’t work,” Seyllium said.

“Of course it will work. Shhh. We don’t want them coming back too soon.”

Seymichael and Seyannie plodded across the lawn, then froze four meters in front of the pond.

“Oh, my stars! Muck monsters,” Seyannie said. “I’m going back to the house.”

“You’re staying here with me. They seem to be moving when we move,” Seymichael grabbed Seyannie’s hand. His voice softened. “I’ll protect you.”

Seyannie leaned against Seymichael, catching a glimpse of the tent’s interior. “Are they too young to program a responsive simulation?”

Inside the house, Seyfert said, “I told you it would work. Your parents aren’t arguing any more.”

This scuplture was inspired by Seyfert! Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Lynda Benglis, artist!
This sculpture was inspired by Seyfert! Storm King Art Center, New Windsor, NY, Lynda Benglis, artist!



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9 thoughts on “Seyfert and Julie Mark Cohen conspire to run amok–oops! I mean a muck!

  1. Julie says:

    The sculptor is Lynda Benglis. The sculpture is called “North South East West,” 1988/2009/2012-15. Bronze and steel, Courtesy the artist; Cheim & Read, New York: and Locks Gallery, Philadelphia.

    I took the photo on 08/22/2015, late afternoon. Bob Cohen “tweaked” it so that it looks like what Seyfert, et al., might have seen after nightfall.

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    Ah, childhood muck monsters to the rescue of parents. This is an endearing innocence which transcends species adding to the compelling and irresistable Seyfert legacy of tales.

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, Parisianne.
      I’m trying to use whatever I see or observe that’s out of the usual/ordinary as inspiration by itself or in combination with a contest’s prompt, innocent or not.

      • Parisianne Modert says:

        How about a shuffle across stage of “SeyMe and My SeyShadow” all alone and three shades of blue without three arms to talk to? Seyfert time travels and does Vaudeville.

        • Julie says:

          Most interesting idea. I’ll accept the challenge. Would you like to read the result?
          (Without publicizing our e-mail addresses here, I think you can respond to my question via a private message on Facebook.)

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    Another delightful Seyfert adventure – muck monsters!!! Sort of reminds me of the BLOB. Wonder what Seyfert will think up next!!! Kids will be kids – love this Julie.

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