Wing Nuts: Our new Contest





My lascivious literati,

On behalf of Thorn, Gary, Diana, Derek, Billy, Ruth, Morgan and the Satikushes and Granny…Here we go again!

Here is the sinario for our new contest, written in winglish:

You are in your favorite sleazy bar…

You’re getting trashed with (Steinbeck/Shelley/Austin/London/Tan/Villasenor/Folz/

Bukowski/Hemingway/Sully, Clark, Thompson…etc) …your wingman/woman…

Just as you lift your glass over the rim you see the one you were there to forget/remember….you swallow hard and your story begins…not more than 243 words before the cat gets your tongue.

Somewhere in the story you must use the phrase, “I’ll just have to wing it.” and reveal the traits of your wingman/woman.

Horace is made of solid gold and is donated by artist/actor/author Ed Coonce  Satikush is guarding the trophy until you are ready to claim your prize.

A Word With You Press is testing its ability to multitask.

Sometime as these birdacious stories(buy War on Bird Street by Gary Clark to increase your chances of influencing the judge–moi)come in to nest we will resolve (with the help of our favorite structural engineer, Julie Mark Cohen) who gets the big screw offered as a trophy for the contest that was interrupted when the aliens came for Thorn. (Do I know how to con-volute a sentence or what!)


Contest Protocal

Entry Deadline June 10th 2013

Limit: 2 ill eagle entries per author

Send Entries to

Disclaimer: By submitting your story you hereby authorize us to make a ton of money to locate the bar in your story and authenticate the Horacity (oops) voracity or your tail. This is a contest for talonted authors.

Ink your quill…

17 thoughts on “Wing Nuts: Our new Contest

  1. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    Thorn, were you born with a silver pun in your mouth? You are an excellent word player. As for this new contest, I may have to decline. Writing a flash about the woman I spent years forgetting would reopen bloody wounds, cause my blood pressure to rise so high in three minutes flat I’d be the only zombie in the bar, maybe even stop my pen and my heart, leave me in mid-flash, empty brain-dead head resting like a napper at my Gateway screen. Is it worth it? Pun me that, Batman…

  2. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    Only you have the power to get me writing less than an hour after I wake up…don’t let that get to your head…

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