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Laura Girardeau, SWAF team commander

School Girls Passing Notes

Good morning, Literati, from Camelot! (aka the towers that are A Word with You Press in Moscow).

Today we post our final finalist in our contest: Once Upon a Time. We still need a few more judges, because my lease prohibits a dart board hung in these hallucinatory hallways, and a randomly launched dart might be the most equitable way (literary-equality, anyone?) to determine our winner, as the quality of writing in superb with all our entrants, and each style is so diverse.  If you would like to be a judge, I will send you a pdf of the five prologues, first and second chapters of our finalists, along with an outline of how to judge each one.

Our winner will be announced by podcast on August 30th at the book launch for Raw Man, to be held in Oceanside at the hacienda of our friend, best selling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Victor Villaseñor.

In the meantime, her is Laura channeling her inner child, from her work-in-progress “The Secret Place”

Tiffany Monique skips to Mylu, my darling!

Woman Falling

We have posted the second chapters of Michael Dilts, Wendy Joseph, Robert Marazas and Parisiane Modert.  All who remains is Laura Girardeau, but before we post her final entry, we (moi, actually) would like to share a chapter from our own Tiffany Monique, who was ineligible to compete because, well, I said so (It’s good to be king).

Once a swan a time: Parisianne Modert’s chapter two

Our contest to encourage/cajole/bribe/intimidate/threaten/coerce, or even Inspire to sit on your arse and actually write that novel you have spoken about to family, friends, and impressionable young and potentially available women/men is in its final phase. We asked you to submit a prologue; then chapter one; then chapter two, had you made it to the finals.  We have just a few more entries to post before we select a winner. In the meantime, here is chapter two from the faire Parisianne Modert.

sibilants and palatals are out of cuneiform: Michael Dilts gets metaphysical

    Literati: Tis my mission to point out the hidden meaning in words:  Tarot spelled backwards is “To rat.”  Job done. Here is the second chapter in Michael Dilts’ novel. Once Upon a Time  required our readers to actual write the novel that may have been nothing more than alphabet soup in their brains […]

First Chapter for Raw Man

        Literati! Our contest, Once Upon a Time, was created as an incentive for all writers to commit to writing the novel that they may only have talked about.  Concurrently to the administering to this contest, as most of you know A Word with You Press has been preparing Fred Rivera’s manuscript […]

Wendy Jospeh’s sublime entry into our contest Once Upon a Lime

Seen here is the stash of limes in the larder of the towers that are A Word with You Press. Common knowledge that a slice of lime on the rim is the ONLY way the editor-in-chief will consume a pint.     Literati! Posting here is the second chapter of Wendy Joseph’s recovered journal: The […]

And on that note: Robert Marazas submits chapter two

Here trumpeter Horatio does a photo-op rather than rehearsing, abdicating a part in the band to Brad Chance     Literati! Five finalists are now competing for $250 and blogging rights–oops!–bragging rights in our contest, Once Upon a Time, which challenges each author to actually follow through with that banter at the last cocktail party […]

The FINAL final semifinalist, Robert Marazas, blows his horn Once Upon a Time

(“What’s in Buffalo?”…check out his horn) Literati! Today, I am older and wiser.  My bidet wa—oops~! B-Day was yesterday.  So I am hoping the time has come for me to put aside the follies of youth and get back down to biz with A Word with You Press. Robert Marazas is a duly qualified semi-finalist, […]

Futtocks and Foretops! Wendy Joseph sails into Once Upon a Time!

(here the Foretops audition for a part on the editing staff of A Word with You Press)   Good Morning from the Towers that are  A Word with You Press. The fifth of our semi-finalists is Bobbie MacBride, courtesy of Wendy Joseph, who came across this ancient journal quite by chance and recognized its literary […]

Back in the saddle again: Our contest continues with Michael Dilts

(recently edited manuscript by A Word with You Press.) Good evening, from the Towers that are still standing near Friendship Square in Moscow! A Word with You Press is ready, willing, and able to proceed with posting our remaining semi-finalists in our contest Once Upon a Time.  In honor of our friend Gary Clark, who […]

Inspector Madame Parisianne Modert is not so clue-so-less!

(is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to be me?) Good Evening, Literati! Our second semi-finalist for our contest, Once Upon a Time, is Madame Parisianne Modert, submitting here for your review and entertainment the first chapter to her novel-in-progress: Smoke Veil Bridge. Again, as often, I remind our readers […]

The first of our Semi-finalists: The World a chording to Laura Girardeau

(Here is an un-retouched portrait of the editor-in-chief in younger days:  Father-figure, anyone?  I know…pathetique.) Good morning, and happy Fathering Day from the Towers that are A Word with You Press! Time to post our semi-finalists. If you just dropped in, we are in the belated semi-final stage of our contest: Once Upon a Time. […]