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Sherlock’s Home

                                                                       Thorn(left) and Billy ponder the mystery of why so many women find them irresistible…Answer: No Ship High In Transit Sherlock! Oh Londondacious Literati! Russ Shor, who frequents the towers that are A Word with You Press, is often required by his job to tramp the globe–Poland, Africa, Hong Hong, and London be his most […]

Wing Nuts: Our new Contest

        My lascivious literati, On behalf of Thorn, Gary, Diana, Derek, Billy, Ruth, Morgan and the Satikushes and Granny…Here we go again! Here is the sinario for our new contest, written in winglish: You are in your favorite sleazy bar… You’re getting trashed with (Steinbeck/Shelley/Austin/London/Tan/Villasenor/Folz/ Bukowski/Hemingway/Sully, Clark, Thompson…etc) …your wingman/woman… Just as […]