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Author. Editor. Performer. Freelancer. She's the quintessential Renaissance Gal—and it's all Thorn's fault. Ok, not really. With a Masters in Transformative Language Arts, Tiffany is not only a voracious reader and exceptional performer but a professional writer and editor. Her favorite genres to edit are poetry, young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, and thrillers (bring on the horror, it don't scare her). But she's a learned reader, and her strength is in comprehensive editing for optimal story flow. Tiffany asks the necessary questions to help you hone each chapter, ensuring readers get your best work. Tiffany is President of the San Diego Book Awards Association, as well as a member of ASCAP, The National Forensics League, and Transformative Language Arts Network.
I integrate Transformative Language Arts into any work I do, and I work with people all over the world, but I can't tell you who they are, due to NDAs! I was once told, “you exude art.” So, I decided to spend the rest of my life helping other like-minded individuals get to do the same. Let’s do something magical together!

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Reyna Grande

I am sure this was an honest mistake, but according to Reyna, it was (is?) a trigger. What do you think? Whatever it was, it is a story that needed telling.

Tiffany V is #18 – Oh the Pain

A writing exercise turned serious

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He had it coming

Four Ways TLA “Transforms” Your Life

How do you make your way in this world? I TLA like a diva extraordinaire. But I keep getting asked to explain TLA!

Can You Keep a Secret?

Purple Heart: Herman Johnson. Junk Yard Dog Award: Fred "Raw Man" Rivera

GoFundMe Technical Issues FIXED

All is well on this new chapter! Be a part of it with a donation to the cause!

Gravitas on Tap

The beautiful thing about gravitas is that if you embrace it, you can also let it go. "The best and worst moments of your life are just that. Moments. Keep going." -Yours Truly

Just in time, David Jenkins pens a submission!

With just a few days to go, David Jenkins jumps in deeper and deeper with his heart out!

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petticoat dancer
I believe in the mission of A Word With You Press - to put gravitas on a low carb diet. But when we speak of lost love, gravitas comes with the territory. Hold on! Not too worry! I'm sure Thorn will say something irreverently-adolescent-and-bordering-on-crass in 3... 2...

Kyle Katz jumps once again into our contest!

There is fun knowing that the time left to submit an entry to our current contest is dwindling down to zero. Do you thrive on the sense of urgency? Good. Use it to submit an entry!

Parisianne goes Greek with her entry!

You have until the Ides to submit and join in the fun!

Author Spotlight – Isabelle Freedman

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