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The Lion, the Witch, and Wardr…oh?

(Knock knock: Who’s there?   NARNIA   Narnia Who?   Narnia appreciate my humour, witch baffles me)   Good morning from your favorite towers, the ones standing tall in Moscow, home of the winter ohlimpics! Home also to our contest A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story. Your days are running few to […]

Interns stoop to Billy Holder’s level!

  Literati! A Word with You Press is pleased to announce the arrival of two new interns at the towers here in Moscow.  Bronwyn Miles (left) and Candace Louise were twins separated at birth and only re-discovered each other after responding to the same add for interns at our Moscow office!  Amazingly, both are students […]

Wing Nuts: Our new Contest

        My lascivious literati, On behalf of Thorn, Gary, Diana, Derek, Billy, Ruth, Morgan and the Satikushes and Granny…Here we go again! Here is the sinario for our new contest, written in winglish: You are in your favorite sleazy bar… You’re getting trashed with (Steinbeck/Shelley/Austin/London/Tan/Villasenor/Folz/ Bukowski/Hemingway/Sully, Clark, Thompson…etc) …your wingman/woman… Just as […]