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Cold Stone Below–Wendy Joseph launches our new contest.

“Here’s “Cold Stone Below” — a literal reaction. My PayPal $7 will be on the way as soon as my at sea internet connection goes through. In the middle of the Pacific right now, on the way to China….”Thus Spake Wendy Joseph, mariner and author extraordinaire and frequent visitor to our port.

Wendy Joseph: It is written

Wendy is one of our most prolific writers, extremely versatile in subject matter and style, and I do hope when you finish reading what every rider will wreckognize as a righter’s wrant will go to her website, posted at the end of her entry, and buy her book. We’ve been swamped with stuff to do since going live again, but in the list of to-dos is getting her book in our store.

Wendy Jospeh’s sublime entry into our contest Once Upon a Lime

Seen here is the stash of limes in the larder of the towers that are A Word with You Press. Common knowledge that a slice of lime on the rim is the ONLY way the editor-in-chief will consume a pint.     Literati! Posting here is the second chapter of Wendy Joseph’s recovered journal: The […]

Futtocks and Foretops! Wendy Joseph sails into Once Upon a Time!

(here the Foretops audition for a part on the editing staff of A Word with You Press)   Good Morning from the Towers that are  A Word with You Press. The fifth of our semi-finalists is Bobbie MacBride, courtesy of Wendy Joseph, who came across this ancient journal quite by chance and recognized its literary […]

Semi Finalists announced for Once Upon a Time

Hello again from the Towers that are A Word with You Press. (Actually, these towers are the Sully Castle on the Loire.  Field trip?  Anyone?) A word with you about this contest. The purpose of Once Upon a Time, and the reason the editor-in-chief (Moi) and a rotation of volunteers have produced over forty contests […]

Wendy Joseph discovers secret manuscript!

and has the nerve to enter it into our contest Once Upon a Time! You’d think she wrote it herself! Literati! Wendy Joseph is a frequent visitor here at The Word, so we will forgive her the sin of actually entering someone else’s  work into our contest.  The rules require that you submit a prologue […]

Wendy Joseph’s purrfect love!

Good Morning, Literati!  And greetings from Moscmeow! Wendy Joseph rose to the challenge for our contest: A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story.  For your chance to show some love and win prizes and a date* with Kristine Rose Grant, our love-judge(what? you would prefer Judge Judy?) just click this […]