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Our finalists for Once Upon a Time

Literati! NO ONE I know writes for the money, including best-selling authors and even Pulitzer Prize winners I count among my friends.  But, whatever our private motives, all of us write with the anticipation that we will be understood.  Isn’t that what we are really after, to be understood? Is it “I am, therefore I […]

Semi Finalists announced for Once Upon a Time

Hello again from the Towers that are A Word with You Press. (Actually, these towers are the Sully Castle on the Loire.  Field trip?  Anyone?) A word with you about this contest. The purpose of Once Upon a Time, and the reason the editor-in-chief (Moi) and a rotation of volunteers have produced over forty contests […]

On the road again!

(here the editor-in-chief has a firm grip on the staff at A Word with You Press) Literati! I do not have an exceptionally large staff…(fill in your comments here______________) Our purpose at A Word with You Press is to see that the vices of writers are exposed to the…oops!…  VOICES of writers are exposed to […]

UPton Sinclair meats A Word with you Press!

Literati!  Good morning from the towers that are A Word with you Press in Moscow, Idaho–the land of the double entundra! This is Heming-by-the-way country, and the first buds of spring are springfully budding!  We are actively soliciting contest entrees (that’s entries so delicious you could eat them) because we like giving away money, books, […]

Once Upon a Time… Our new contest

(the storied towers that are A Word with You Press in Moscow) Literati (that would be vouz) You have a novel on ice, hibernating, a literary lethargy. The pages are stiff with winter and inactivity, the imagined words brittle, or sluggish, almost atrophied. You have promised yourself and the world your masterpiece, only…winter interceded, and […]