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Mike Casper is in the swim of things beneath the surface

Literati. I guess that little blue pill works after all! Congratulations, Mike! (editors note: This story was originally misstated as another planet. I am saturnly entitled to a mistake, now and again, though I didn’t planet that way. Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. Editors are from Uranus.

Mike Casper sings a song Once upon a Time

Methinks we have but one more contestant to post in our contest Once Upon a Time, which required each author to submit to their favorite editor at A Word with You Press (Moi) a prologue, a first chapter if you made the semi-finals, and chapter kedua/dos/du/zwie if you made it to the finals. Mike Casper submitted a prologue, but because I am his editor for this, his first novel, “The Sing-Song Child,” I disqualified him from the competition to win our $250 first prize, even though he offered to split it with me if he won, as did our eventual winner.

Here is the start of an inspiring tale.

Semi Finalists announced for Once Upon a Time

Hello again from the Towers that are A Word with You Press. (Actually, these towers are the Sully Castle on the Loire.  Field trip?  Anyone?) A word with you about this contest. The purpose of Once Upon a Time, and the reason the editor-in-chief (Moi) and a rotation of volunteers have produced over forty contests […]

Mike Casper makes entering our contest Child’s play

The Sing-Song Child, to be precise! Literati! Mike Casper, one of our frequent fliers (Inside joke: Mike is a senior flight attendant with SouthWest Airlines! arrf!) has been on the tarmac too long.  Have not seen him on our site until now.  And with good reason.  Mike’s literary efforts have been concentrated on completing his […]

Many Rivers for Mike Casper still to cross

(recently polled writers who forgot to leave comments on the work of their fellow authors missed the boat) Literati! As you are oft told by the editor-in-chief (moi) your entries into The First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a plagiarized phone book, as long as the word count is […]