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Parisianne plays BOLDLY with her new entry!

petticoat dancer

I believe in the mission of A Word With You Press – to put gravitas on a low carb diet. But when we speak of lost love, gravitas comes with the territory. Hold on! Not too worry! I’m sure Thorn will say something irreverently-adolescent-and-bordering-on-crass in 3… 2…

Semi Finalists announced for Once Upon a Time

Hello again from the Towers that are A Word with You Press. (Actually, these towers are the Sully Castle on the Loire.  Field trip?  Anyone?) A word with you about this contest. The purpose of Once Upon a Time, and the reason the editor-in-chief (Moi) and a rotation of volunteers have produced over forty contests […]

Cupid’s Arsenal. Madam Parisianne Modert Plucks her Beau…

  (one of our proof-readers at The Word after dotting her eyes and crossing her tees) Ahhh!  The sweet and innocent pleasures of love! Literati!  Perhaps you, too, have heard the vague rumor that love hurts?  Here at the towers that are A Word with You Press, we have tracked that rumor to its source!  […]