Mike Casper is wasting away…again! Our contest continues!

Aurora Borealis

The Stars in the Sky… the Comets Flashing by

by Mike Casper


After an almost ridiculous amount of time, the slow dance of our foreplay was over. I was relieved but not fulfilled. The sensual give and take of consenting adults had reached its conclusion. But I wasn’t ready to move forward. No, not me, not yet. She was looking somewhere else, caught up in the moment, but when her focus came back on me, I licked my lips and mouthed her a playful, silent kiss. Instantly, she and I were alone once more, back in our sphere. I smiled. A kiss. That’s all it took. I leered with the promise of more and saw a flicker of amusement in her eyes. The moment was extending, prolonging our oneness, and she was game.

Her eyes riveted on mine, I started low, moving my tongue, dry and raspy, ever so slowly, up the sweating, taut, curving surface. Shivers of anticipation went up my spine, and maybe hers. She licked her lips and stared, transfixed. She grabbed hold of something firm, swaying slightly. I closed my eyes and continued.

A rivulet of sweat wet my tongue; my buds caught a tang of salt and something else, something different. A gentle, musty scent curled in my nostrils. And a bitter hint of citrus. I breathed in, savoring the fragrance. It was not my first time, but this was the best so far.

I continued up, pungent and citrus mixing together, overwhelming my senses. I lingered at the rim, teasing, probing. My tongue and lips were aflame with desire. I couldn’t resist, I had to move around a little, then more. Suddenly I jumped in and dove deep. And once more. A low moan escaped from her lips. And maybe mine.

I opened my eyes and had a hard time focusing for a moment. I was lightheaded. I heard music and realized we weren’t alone.

She was very close, staring at me, nostrils flared. “Damn. You sure know how to drink a Margarita. Want another?”

I smiled. “Yes, please. Again.”

She smiled wider. We shook hands. “Welcome to Bud’s Bar and Grill. This one’s on me.”


23 thoughts on “Mike Casper is wasting away…again! Our contest continues!

  1. Stef says:

    …Get me a glass of champagne. And strawberries too. WOW MIKE!!! You sure you don’t need a cigarette after this? Because I’m considering it!

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    I was intrigued by the title, the word, “rivulet” and where this story was going. The words, “After an almost ridiculous amount of time, the slow dance of our foreplay was over.” both got my attention, because I am a woman and told me that a man wrote this even if I hadn’t noticed the author’s name. Word to wise men…foreplay is never over. Putting that suggestion aside let’s continue with the story of wet lips and salty tongues.

    Your story in my opinion Mike is sensual more than sexy in seduction of the lady bartender. If you wanted to put this story into Parrothead overdrive, I would change the last “She” to “Margarita” and “We shook hands” through “This one is on me.” to “She dripped tequilla between her salty, lime squeezed breasts. ‘Drink it slow again.'”

    I enjoyed you story Mike, have to go to find my lost shaker of salt at Margaritaville. This is probably not the review you were looking for, but as Jimmy sings “some people say there is a woman to blame.”

    • Mike Casper says:

      Naaaah, I didn’t want a ’50 Shades’ – esque story. There’s no need for the graphic when one’s mind can fill in the blanks or simply run to it’s own conclusion. I tried to mix imagination, fantasy, innocence and sensual into a ‘gotcha’ ending. After all, this IS the land of the double entendre…isn’t it?

      • Parisianne Modert says:

        Well, a writer needs to define their own “gotcha” moment, but foreplay ending in “We shook hands” was beyond an anti-climatic, let down soberiety within my mind which shut down all my shades to the “gotcha” intended in my opinion.

        To again quote Jimmy Buffett, “If life gives you limes, make margaritas.” My double entrendre mind, where foreplay never ends normally and doesn’t care to, can imagine sipping both a margarita and a woman named Margarita sprayed in lime and o, Bud (double entendre of its own), please don’t do the salt-rim dusting on either.

        I did like your well written story other than the ending Mike.

          • Parisianne Modert says:

            Goodie, I’m having fun with this. I really must not understand men which is logical, because I have had only one legitimate, unchaparoned date with a straight man in my life (he was 75 and I was 61 at the time) which was very lovely other than he never asked me out again.

            What did I do wrong? Let’s review this: I batted my eyes, listened to him well, because he was charming, intelligent, extremely well educated and interesting, answered his questions as briefly, but warmly as I could, laughed at his humor, because I enjoyed his worldly wit, wore a pretty dress, my makeup was cute, but not over-stated, I played with his sleeve which he really did seem to like, lightly fanned myself when blushing which he liked, behaved as a lady to the men who served our meal, let him have his man talk with the gentleman out of my ear reach who he paid the bill with and actually accepted a short, still lovely kiss with him as a goodnight, but I never shook his hand. Drat! Wish I had known better.

        • Parisianne Modert says:

          My best double in-tundra adventure would be Todd and Sarah, but this Pal-ins as a com-pair to this contest.

    • Tiffany V says:

      Had this been Thorn, I would’ve had a blast getting on his case about typos… but aside from that Ms. M, you are 100% in agreement with me. A lovely play on “play”.

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    What was it you said… you told me when the story (Darla) went down into the steamy pit – you kept attempting to bring it back up. So after reading this – you can’t EVER say that again!!!! I do love margaritas. Had me going there Mike – ahhh yes – you did!!! Soooooooooooo good!!!

  4. Michael Stang says:

    As the world turns eh, Mike? Loved Sing Song Child, a great period piece, well done. As for this bit of titillating shenanigans; reading it the second time a round, I was amazed at what-all a margarita could be and want to thank you for opening a new horizon. Lots of fun.
    Say hello to your Daughter for me, it was great meeting you both.

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