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KYLE katz thought she’d skate by with this: When Hell Freezes over

Literati. Isn’t writing always about skating on thin ice? KYLE has joined us many times in the past, even winning one of our more significant contests a while back. I think this entry is among her best. Truthful, a thin sheet of ice between what is concealed and what is revealed.

You can’t always get who you taunt! KYLE Katz gets sassy

(Aphrodite–seen here on the left–dances  with one of her favorite hoofers on casual Friday at the towers that are A Word with You Press!) Literati, a question… When you lose your libido, why is it always in the last place you look? KYLE Katz has misplaced hers and finds it in the next 750 to […]

“Don’t schlepp on my nude, frayed blues!” KYLE Katz invites you to coffee

(better insist on de-caf, Henry–and for those helping with the countdown, this is 7 of the 24 to be posted before the finalists are announced.  Gotta favorite?  Bribe the judge, or stack the comments in favor of your pick. Invite all you friends to leave comments, too.  Both of them!) Literati! I am not yet […]

KYLE Katz shows her claws…But don’t

take it purrsonally. Literati! You may recall that Kyle Katz and Peggy Dobbs shared a special bond, and a shared Thorning, one of the most coveted awards you can get from A Word with You Press.  Kyle had sent a Leonard Cohen CD in which he gracefully anticipates the conclusion of his own life and […]