KYLE katz thought she’d skate by with this: When Hell Freezes over


When Hell freezes over

By Kyle Katz

When hell froze over, she thought God was giving her a second chance.

She skated across the ice river of lost souls, remembering the look on her face when she crossed the line. Heavenly joy!

The crossover, easy and succulent, didn’t at all seem sinful– just the opposite. She couldn’t explain it either.

Surely she didn’t have to wait this long to paint a brush stroke that wasn’t self-contained.

When hell froze over, the angels of desires realized all guilt and conversation blazed its way through rhetoric, burning holes through her untamed imagination.

She indulged in chocolate. Wine and tight skirts, glossy red lipstick joined together in a celebration dancing around the confessional booth.

But this time she fantasized that she WAS Marilyn Monroe. She pouted and teased. She cooed and coyly tempted all her longings and impulses.

But summer came like it always did, thawing out the sweet roundness of her hips. Her innocent laughter filled its creases with too many responsibilities. Her brush stroke was quick, but deserted… colorless. The moisture of her painted red lips shriveled with sadness.

She embraced the winter…when hell froze over.

She dropped to her knees and prayed.

She begged of passion, to please remember her and find her –once again.


KYLE Katz prays for the return of passion
KYLE Katz prays for the return of passion

(editor’s note: [lament, actually] to date, only two or three of you who come regularly to our site have kicked in to our own Kristy Webster’s gofundme campaign to publish The Gift of an Imaginary Girl. We all can take pride in seeing one of our own succeed. I have skin in the game.  Show me some skin!


25 thoughts on “KYLE katz thought she’d skate by with this: When Hell Freezes over

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    With breathless, impassioned beauty of words, inner radiated imagery, I praise the goddess, who skates through her own mind, turning her hell into her heaven with prose that glides her prayer to remember her own beauty, love and celebration of life and immortality. These words can begin the death of Roman Catholic hell and the rebirth of your goddess passion. Transubstantiate your own spirit, absolve your own guilt, grant your own prayer to life. Blessed be.

      • Parisianne Modert says:

        I have never read any prose or poem or heard words spoken that I have loved more. The path to hell, where the devil is the priest and the passionless go to reside, is paved in the confessional traps of guilt, shame and false absolution. These words are a self-prayer to the goddess’s natural passionate need to live true beauty and celebrate goodness, so my answer is YES. I pray her prayer be answered.

        • kyle katz says:

          Parisianne, your support of my writing has not gone unnoticed. Your evaluations are poetry in itself.
          I do appreciate you. I’m glad you loved it!

          • Parisianne Modert says:

            I am but a lost soul, frozen under ice, not really worth noticing, so thank you for your kindness.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    This is gorgeous! Remarkably unique but simple in that talented way of yours that makes me shudder in delight.

  3. kyle katz says:

    Yes William. End or the beginning. I felt the same way for her. Thanks for reading my prose. You may want to go to ‘Contest’ and read some of the other fine stories.

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    I finally have moments to catch up and your’s is the first one I see. This has gone beyond anything that you have written before. And you have a mighty repertoire in the treasure box. My dear this is stunning, even far above that word. The imagery you presented has my mind reeling and dancing. Goosebumps doing the dance over and under the skin. FABULICIOUS.

    • kyle katz says:

      Thank you Diane. I do appreciate you so much. Love how you have grown with your writing and storytelling in your own unique voice.

  5. Miryam says:

    The talent amazes me on this playground! I’m just in awe. Kyle, your gift is unfathomable.
    Thanks for the pleasure.

    • kyle katz says:

      I so agree with you. The talent and diversity really provides a learning experience for so many writers no matter what level you are creating at. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I’m also a big fan of the way you write. It’s refreshing!

  6. Parisianne Modert says:

    In the belief that prayers of the selfless get answered, I imagined passion’s return with love’s hope of an eternal Spring. The ice thaws, the skates have been served and unlaced upon the wall in prayer. The heavens fill with an angelic choir singing, “Here Comes the Sun”. Listen carefully from your knees, lift your eyes in joy for passion has found you from the beauty of your story.

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