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Editor-in-Chief (Moi) errs! Sorry about that, Christopher Delicino

I know…Hard to believe… I posted a story by new-comer Christopher Delicino in which I wrongly accused him of being a student at the University of Idaho. I need to resign my post and go work for The Washington Post or CNN. Christopher is not a student and I should have thoroughly investigated that rumour […]

KYLE Katz shows her claws…But don’t

take it purrsonally. Literati! You may recall that Kyle Katz and Peggy Dobbs shared a special bond, and a shared Thorning, one of the most coveted awards you can get from A Word with You Press.  Kyle had sent a Leonard Cohen CD in which he gracefully anticipates the conclusion of his own life and […]

I was thinking to myself….

this could be heaven or this could be another Wing Nuts entry! (apparently God’s favorite drink is the screwdriver) Literati! KYLE Katz takes us on a tour of the Infernal Writ–oops!–ETERNAL Writer’s Club with her favorite wingman, Mike Stang. Somebody care to buy the lady a drink?   Dead and living in New York By […]