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“Don’t schlepp on my nude, frayed blues!” KYLE Katz invites you to coffee

(better insist on de-caf, Henry–and for those helping with the countdown, this is 7 of the 24 to be posted before the finalists are announced.  Gotta favorite?  Bribe the judge, or stack the comments in favor of your pick. Invite all you friends to leave comments, too.  Both of them!) Literati! I am not yet […]

Doctoring the image…our Wingnut contest continues

Flaws? Moi? Ahhh, Literati. Johnny Tobias has dropped in again. You may recall he won a contest a while back I’m All Shook Up.  Maybe he wants the trophy of Horace to keep the Elvis trophy he won?  Here, and in the movie trailer that follows, you can see how his theory works about getting the […]

Sal Buttaci walks into a bar…our latest contest entry

Seen here are Peggy Dobbs, Gary, Derek and Thorn.  We drank Sal  under the table Oh libation-laden Literati! Sal Buttacuci has staggered into our contest, Wingnuts. I always thought St. Pauli was the mafia guy that got rubbed out in the Sopranos, but apparently not.              Instead, she’s part of […]