Kyle Katz dares us to Stand Strong beneath the surface!

And Thorn thought I'd go over the top.

Stand Strong!

by Kyle Katz

I stood in the mist of most disasters as the wind howled profanities at my

spirit. My soul only protected by bones, skin and clothing.

Vacant complements from well doers that ‘you are strong … your needs are

less than others…you stand strong!’

But in the delusion of my own strength as the frost froze my hair into place,

and the tender feathered wing of strength gathered those restrained teardrops then

glued them to my cheek… I remained strong, over and over again.

Strong in the darkness seeks like all others… even more so.

A shoulder of their own to cry out, shouting at that tired strength. “I’m Not

that strong!”

In its darkness, we observe everything, we see clearly, but the night can

switch to the terror of memories that have given us the sledgehammer to break out.

What others don’t hear is the whistling of the wind that sing a distance song.

Warriors, leaders, courageous, unyielding, determined!

Alice Walker,

Harriet Tubman,

Susan B. Anthony,

Eva Peron,

Malala Yousafzai… holding insanity in our guts until the passage of time

stripped our feminine cry…to remain strong.

Muting those voices…of “you really don’t need anything…you’re strong!” But

you’ re wrong!

Darkness seeks solitude.

But most of all, someone, something that lets us fall into another place,

another spirit, another human being that intuitively already knows our story, knows

our tender needs, knows the little things that renew us. Those things that make us

feel cared for.

We would gladly give you our hand,

our heart,

our shield,

our trust,

our love…

our strength.

To those men that stands strong.

To the women that hold steadfast.

To the children that enter the world with pain and confusion…

I know you…I will always offer you my vulnerability,

my wisdom,

my laughter,

my kindness,

my patients,

my encouragement…

In the end, that is what makes humanity

Stand Strong!

16 thoughts on “Kyle Katz dares us to Stand Strong beneath the surface!

    • Tiffany V says:

      I KNEW you’d get that reference. I almost put a cookie character image up there! But this one was better in my opinion. LOVE that we have that in common Miss Sassyboots!

  1. kyle katz says:

    What a cocktail mixture to put us both together without supervision. May want to post under “latest entries contest” so others will enjoy our mischief while the boss is away. Cookies and Bears… Oh My!

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    Stand strong, but not alone.
    Be feminine strong, no one can strip a woman’s determined will.
    Know that your needs are no less honorable or necessary than any other being.
    You are sacred not profane.
    Let no tear go unshared nor vulnerabiltiy hide.
    Strenght is letting go of nightmares as delusions and being the light.
    Be the light for others, but welcome no less than the light from others.
    Let others be strong for you when you are weak only if they respect you.
    The world awaits the fearless be they lion, tiger, bear or a cookie thought.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Strong? Yes, but alone until Fed Ex delivers my new lover on Monday. “I’m through with love.” So tender sex must become tenor sax. Rufia says if I can’t introduce her to a Reed, then I need to blow on a reed. Marilyn Monroes’s Sugar Kane in “Somelike it Hot” fell for only tenor saxophone players, so may be sax jazz will be enough for me. Still think I’m sweet? Actually I am and so are you. Be strong for you Kyle. True friends to you, as I wish to be, just wish you happiness on your terms. Find your own saxophone whatever or whomever that is. Insist they bring you the happiness and good vibes you deserve and have since birth.

      • kyle katz says:

        Parisianne, I do appreciate your talent. No one I know sees the way you do! Keep writing and expressing your own uniqueness. I thank you for your good wishes. I really do!

      • Parisianne Modert says:

        For those of you who are confused by my last post, I actually did purchase a tenor sax and will be learning to play it. Please pardon my off-key, off-beat sense of humor if it offended anyone.

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    After reading this, I sat and remembered all the times I was suppose to feel strong. Strong in the pain of death, strong in the loss of friendships, strong in times of heartbreak, strong in being alone, and so many more moments that involve the need to be strong. I realized that it was wasn’t the need to be strong that helped me, it was the movement and taking a step because I didn’t know what else to do. It is this that puts those into history books, or takes anyone who has received blows to the spirit, soul, body, and mind into the position of standing strong – taking that step forward from pain. Your words have put the feeling into perfect placement… Stand strong and move forward one step. Beautiful sweetie, beautiful.

  4. kyle katz says:

    I have met some pretty fierce and loving women in my life, who have set fires through their trails of hardships… they still go on! Ones right on this site. I’ve known strong and loving men…filled with tenderness and determination to love and protect. Children who have had to struggle with all kinds of circumstances that were never of their making. And they rise!
    Hooray! Humanity just may be in the right hands. I am grateful.

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