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The Wizard of Id

Literati. I pulled a story I myself wrote out of the archives. (yes, in addition to snarky comments, I really do write!) Though not written to our "Beneath the Surface" theme, it exemplifies what I am looking for. Here is a nine year old boy being taught how to swim by his father, but beneath the surface he will eventually discover krakens and sharks. My greatest hope for this website and for all who enter story submissions is that they confront in themselves and our society what really goes on beneath the surface of our lives. Great literature digs deep. Can you dig it?

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Avoiding Mutiny and annoying scrutiny

Judging these contests has been quite lucrative, and I want to thank you all for those amazing offers!.. I apologize for having accepted some of them (delicious!) and your generosity still did not result in a win for you! Oh! the Larceny and Farceny of it all! Here is the story of how the family tradition got started, with an important caveat about judging Beneath the Surface:

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Care for an apple?

Almost Avalon - Thorn Sully

It is true that I lived on my boat at Cat Harbor for about a year. I was a commercial abalone diver. However, though written in first person, this is NOT autobiographical.  It's based on a couple I met in Oceanside, California. I appropriated the flesh of their story as a repository for the despair and beauty of my own existence at the time. I envy what they had and squandered....

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