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Care for an apple?

Almost Avalon - Thorn Sully

It is true that I lived on my boat at Cat Harbor for about a year. I was a commercial abalone diver. However, though written in first person, this is NOT autobiographical.  It’s based on a couple I met in Oceanside, California. I appropriated the flesh of their story as a repository for the despair and beauty of my own existence at the time. I envy what they had and squandered….

No double entundras about the author telling his tale!

(this photo of Avalon was taken a few hundred yards down the hill from the Zane Grey Pueblo.)     Ahhh, my land-lubbing Literati! We have five books under construction here at the towers that are A Word with You Press, slated for release in early summer, and one of them is mine! Me first! […]