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With, so far, 42 countries and four continents under his shoes, Ben M. Angel has traveled a bit from his Northwestern US roots... in fact, three times around the world (twice eastward, once westward). Despite (or perhaps because of) this, he has a fascination with history and its effect on the interconnectedness of people around the globe. He is an active member of the Wrocław, Poland, Internations community and a co-Consul of its fledgling Writers’ Kaffeeklatsch, as well as a Volunteer Curator on the social networking genealogical website. His career background has varied from serving as Editor-in-Chief of a student newspaper, to acting as production manager at a small English-language news agency based in mid-1990s Kyiv, Ukraine, to studying and working as a geotechnical engineer-in-training in Alaska, Washington State, and New Mexico. He has also performed as an environmental consultant in Azerbaijan and Qatar, a FEMA contractor in Alabama, and a management consultant for a construction company headquartered in the Philippines. Nevertheless, he persists in writing, these days mostly as an English-language freelancer based in Eastern Europe, where he raises alongside his native Belarusian wife a daughter and a son.

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