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Meet Ben

With, so far, 42 countries and four continents under his shoes, Ben M. Angel has [...]

Online writers’ clubbing on Internations

We connected the world. Mission accomplished.

Whatever comes up! Prof. Ron McFarland goes forward to the past

My father was a man who would pull over and read nearly any historical marker [...]

Whatever comes up! Prof. Ron McFarland shares his writing secrets

All writers are 'opportunists,' maybe even 'shameless opportunists.'

Not Your Normal Author (Part 2): David Boop’s influences, both reality and fantasy

Sell me on your reality first before you sell me on your fantasy.

Broody New Englander (Part 3): Kenneth Weene explores creative choice

I cannot tell you what personal scab lies underneath each of my works, at least [...]

Broody New Englander (Part 2): Kenneth Weene on humanity and salvation’s broken promise

I am a teller of tales. Perhaps that is not salvation, but for me it [...]

Broody New Englander: Actually, Kenneth Weene has a wicked sense of humor

Humor not only improves perspective, defuses tension, reduces anxiety, and displaces anger, but it also [...]

Editor, Writer, Mother: Tiffany Vakilian shares her influences and experiences

I love being a freelancer, but no one who does it would ever say it [...]

Editor, Writer, Mother: Tiffany Vakilian aspires to transform the word ‘perfect’

I am a humble practitioner of opened eyes and artistic hands.