Genre: Poetry

  • The Drinking Fountain This contest is dedicated to Heather Heyer, racism's most recent victim, and to Representative John Lewis, beaten close to death crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge on March seventh, Bloody Sunday, 1965, arrested 45 times on the road to freedom.
  • Heal/Write the World
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  • The Last Train: our new contest is at the station Trains. What images they conjure; what memories they provoke! Trains are either the beginning or the end of many, many stories; someone departs, someone arrives. As tragic as Lincoln on a train to Springfield, as horrifying as a train shuttling down the tracks in Poland in the Forties. As adventurous as the Woodie Guthries hopping a freight, as exhilarating for waiting in the station when you get the email she changed her mind. What's you story?
  • Again Again - Tom For our latest contest – Again – we had our dear friend Ed Coonce custom-design a trophy for the lucky winner. Read more about our contest here.