Heal/Write the World

Here’s a little secret I’m willing to share with you guys: I cry more than you know. And every time I watch the video above, I begin to weep uncontrollably.

Because for a moment, the noise of our technology and our angry shouts silence, and all I can hear is our united breath.

We stop fighting with others when we see ourselves in them.

* * * *

Our Thorn-in-Chief said that in addition to our light and fluffy contests, we will have more thoughtful contests. Your Barista-in-Chief is now delivering (a contest, I mean, not coffee. I don’t know why Starbucks hasn’t invested in that yet).

You will be assigned a country AT RANDOM and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write about it. I am deliberately giving you each a country with no idea of your knowledge of it, and your job is to learn and to create. If you don’t know much about the country you are given, do some light research: Google, Wikipedia, their main website, etc. Think outside of the box: watch some of their movies, listen to their music, read their books/blogs, look at their artwork, discover their history, and anything else you can think of to get to know them.

You may write any genre you’d like and I want you to get creative. Are you having a cup of coffee in Turkey (Turkish coffee maybe?)? Having a spot of tea in England? Did you accidentally find out that your Airbnb host has a deadly secret in his Albanian apartment? Has your secret mission unexpectedly led you to a run down hotel in Greece? Did the love of your life run away, and you’ve found her selling postcards off the coast of Algeria? Take us, me, and yourself for a global adventure!

And I figured since travel is so expensive these days…this contest is FREE!!! Prizes will be announced in a separate post!

Short stories, non-fiction, and poetry are accepted! 500-1000 words for the first two, 100-300 for the latter! Double-spaced and .docx format, please!

Contest starts TODAY, January 7th, 2017, and all entries are DUE FEBRUARY 11TH, 2017 BY 11:59PM!!!

Please e-mail moi (Stef, of course!) if you wish to participate, and check your e-mail for your assigned country! Please request your country and sumbit your entry to stefanie@awordwithyoupress.com by the deadline!

This is a chance to finally get to know each other. And ourselves in the process.

We’ve got the whoooole worlld…in our hands…

15 thoughts on “Heal/Write the World

  1. Stefanie Allison says:

    Ladies and gentlemen: so far, we have SEVEN contestants who wish to give the world a spin for this contest! Their assigned countries will be announced as their entries arrive! Please spread the word of this contest to as many of your friends and family that will not disown you for advertising this! Ha! Hope to have the first entries up within a few days! Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far!

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