A thou$and reasons to write

Our most ambitious contest


Solidarity, a poem of protest for our Essential Americans anthology

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain." Bob Dylan

Happy World Poetry Day!

Is this going to be a federally recognized holiday yet?

Whatever comes up! Prof. Ron McFarland goes forward to the past

My father was a man who would pull over and read nearly any historical marker [...]

Working for his muse (Part 2): R. T. Sedgwick engineers his poetic vision

My first measure of a 'good' poem is that its attraction is lasting - I [...]

Working for his muse: R.T. Sedgwick bridges the worlds of science and poetry

In poetry, there are no rules for writing and questions don't have to be answered.

Love Poet (part 2): Jon Tobias reflects on religion and kindness

It’s a writer’s job to do things like find new ways to interpret everything. Nothing [...]

The Drinking Fountain: Healing History

"The past isn't dead. It isn't even past." William Faulkner


What is Poetry?

Damned if I know...but here is one explanation...What's yours?


Heal/Write the World

Are you ready to go on a journey?


Tiffany Vakilian Launched her Book of Poetry!

Our wonderful little bird is spreading her wings. Hope her husband doesn’t mind. We can [...]