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I don’t know about y’all but I had a ton of fun with the Make Me Laugh Non-Competition. All the stories were great and I’ve forwarded them to some of my idiot friends who truly appreciate good humor. All reports have been positive and the consensus is that everyone who entered a funny story deserves a prize for their story. So, your prize is this picture. It’s all yours, each and every one of y’all. Because it’s the prompt for our next Non-Competition.

Here’s the deal. Again, there’s no prize for non-competitions. There’s no word limit, and we, here at AWwYP Towers, (I’m really not there. I’m somewhere in central Texas; but I digress), are looking for is creativity to the max.

Here’s what y’a gotta do. Take a look at this picture and figure out a story that’s beyond creative. I mean, is the guy really scared or is he just getting his first prostate exam, or is it his first time in the ‘toy store’ that Diane Cresswell wrote about in the last non-competition. Think CREATIVE.

No word count limit, no subject too weird, and most of all, it’s gotta be socially acceptable. Us old timers around here don’t want to scare first-time visitors away.

So, there it is. Tell your mama and your papa and the little bitty baby at your breast about this new non-competition so we can get some good stuff.

AND – HEY – what’s with no comments on Mac’s funny story about the trip to Australia. Get yourselves over there and read it. It’s a great story. I agree it’s a long story but it’s worth the read and leave him some love! He worked hard on that story.



Goooooooo!  Send me some good stories about the picture in this post.   Gary via



5 thoughts on “New Non-Contest

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    You’re starting to take on the editor-in-chief’s pa-cue-liar-ities…just thought I would point that out. Mind exploded at the sight of the picture – now I have to go find it and entice it to respond to simple words…thanks!!!!

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