Gary Clark

Gary is a member of the Writer’s League of Texas and San Gabriel Writer’s League. He has won several awards and is published for his short stories; “Riding Saddam”, “In the Dark”, “From Behind the Wall” and “A Letter Home”. “Dance of the Bull Rider”, his young adult novel advanced to the quarter-finals in the 2012 Amazon Breakout Novel Award contest. Publisher’s Weekly gave it a great review and the novel was picked up by Whiskey Creek Press and will be released in paperback and e-book formats in June, 2013. Gary is Director of the Veterans’ Expression at His objective with that project is to gather stories from veterans and active duty military personnel and publish them in an anthology. The anthology will then be promoted and sold with half the money earned from the sale being donated to Wounded Warriors. Gary’s philosophy of writing is simple. Write like no one will ever read it! He believes the writer’s style, voice and passion are paramount to the rules of accepted writing.

Posts by Gary

Rest in Peace, our Beloved Peggy Dobbs

I have to apologize to you all for having to be the one to break the news that our beloved Peggy Dobbs has passed away. As far as details, I only know what Thorn sent me.
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Kyle Katz, You’ve been THORNED by Proxy

Well, my name’s not really Proxy, but in the absence of the Great Thorner himself, I’m going to post a story our very own Kyle Katz posted to Facebook this morning.
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Yep, last year about this time, Whiskey Creek Press offered to buy my Dance of the Bull Rider and I signed that contract so fast the ink was smokin’.
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Down at Cheater’s Bar

I received this e-mail from Thorn earlier this week……



From: Thornton Sully

To: Gary Clark

Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 8:58 AM Subject:Granny   


Apparently granny does not drink. 

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New Blog – You Axed for it…

I floated the idea around here a few weeks back that I was thinking about blogging the Grandma, Sparky, and Me stories and got a lot of encouragement to do it.
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Mac Egan Takes the Non-Prize!!

Ok, I know I seemed to disappear from the site like a Thorn in the night, but in my defense I tell you that I’ve been on the road with a load of mama cows and an idiot kid.
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Progress Report by Mac Egan

Brothers and Sisters of the Quill, (I’ve been waiting a long time to say that. Funny thing though, it doesn’t look as fun in print as it did when I first thought it up).
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True Story – My Hand to God!

I know y’all think I lie a bunch and that maybe Granny’s not really so bad as I make her out to be and, well, maybe that dang Rooster might not be as bad as he seems either. 
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Where the Heck is Thorn – A new CONTEST!

Ok, here it is, friends and neighbors and writers and painters and makers of merryment from all over the world. You asked for it and now you got it.
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Sometimes y’a just gotta bring it back…

We’ve talked about this a hundred times and it’s time we did it. Some stories get started and then disappear for a while. (They’re like dust bunnies under your bed – they never go away.)
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Mike Stang steps up to the podium…………

Just when I thought he’d been abducted by visagoths, Mike Stang showed up with a story for the latest Non-Competition just in time for the coveted Monday Morning Coffee with AWwYP slot.
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What if ‘The Light’ is not Real

Put this story on your ‘must read today’ list. Diane Cresswell has sent in her contribution to the latest Non-Competition and she has outdone herself with this story of science vs.
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