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Yep, last year about this time, Whiskey Creek Press offered to buy my Dance of the Bull Rider and I signed that contract so fast the ink was smokin’. Now, after all the editing, cover design, waiting, tapping my fingers on the desk, IT PREMIERED THIS MORNING. Please add this address to your social […]

Down at Cheater’s Bar

I received this e-mail from Thorn earlier this week……     From: Thornton Sully To: Gary Clark Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 8:58 AM Subject:Granny      Apparently granny does not drink.  I have yet to see her story. — Thornton Sully Editor-in-Chief, A Word With You Press Director, Kid Expression Shortly after […]

Mike Stang steps up to the podium…………

Just when I thought he’d been abducted by visagoths, Mike Stang showed up with a story for the latest Non-Competition just in time for the coveted Monday Morning Coffee with AWwYP slot. And, friends and fellow writers, that is prime territory for any writer. I figured it would be only a matter of time until he […]

What if ‘The Light’ is not Real

Put this story on your ‘must read today’ list. Diane Cresswell has sent in her contribution to the latest Non-Competition and she has outdone herself with this story of science vs. faith. I’m not really sure how to introduce this so that my bias does not color your thoughts before you read the story. So, I’m going to leave […]